Fitness is Heartless

It all fades pretty quick… this is something that I have learnt, and no this isn’t a morbid reflection on life, this is a reflection on my fitness…

Only a month ago I was at the peak of my fitness, and while it may have been only a small peak I was feeling pretty good about how far I had come. This time last month I ran (well ran/walked… in some slow rendition of interval training) 10km in the Melbourne Marathon Festival, which I was pretty happy about… well mostly, part of me feels like 10km isn’t that big a deal and I was so slow it’s probably not even worth writing about… but either way it’s better than where I was when I first started training again… Now a month later I feel like I am back at the beginning, I have had a week of being sick, a week of assignments, another week of being sick and a week of laziness and now I can’t run… it is a disaster! In only a week’s time I will be running the colour run (which will get a blog of its own once it’s done) and I am a little worried about how slow I will be. Luckily, I think it’s the kind of run which is best walked/danced/celebrated… and slowly enjoyed, but it really shocked me how quickly my fitness disappeared. It just seems cruel, you work so hard to build it up and then bam it’s gone… it all hurts again, you puff and pant and end up the colour of beetroot… and then just feel disappointed. I am determined not to let it beat me, I will run again, I will be fit, I will be good at exercising consistently… but I just needed to whinge about how heartless exercise is when you need a break…

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