1 Month to go

Wow… it’s December and it’s almost time to close this years list, but there are still a few things to go…. since my last update I have crossed a few more off:

7. Finish scrap booking my old stuff – completed 4/11/12
It’s all done, from 2000-2012… well what’s happened to date… all packaged neatly in a little box.

23. Buy a new dress – completed 1/11/12
My new dress was for my brother’s wedding on the 17th, which was a super lovely day which you can read all about here… but here is a picture of Davo and I all done up… 20121206-103250.jpg

27. Go on a picnic – completed 4/11/12
A nice little fish and chips on the beach… not a full on picnic, but a picnic all the same.

36. Do a fun run… well I have actually done two runs and a walk now… I think I am addicted… I walked the Parkinson’s Australia Walk, ran the 10km in the Melbourne Marathon festival and ran the 5km Color Run…  – completed 14/10/1220121206-103236.jpg

44. Go without TV for a week – completed 21-28/10/12
It was a necessary break in which I finished two assignments both worth 50% each… it was quiet and I felt a little behind in terms of world events as I didn’t really know what was going on, but I actually really enjoyed it.

67. Play my Flute – completed 20/11/12
Turns out my skills aren’t as awesome as they used to be, but it was nice to play again… maybe I might not wait so long before I do it again.20121206-093148.jpg

75. Try Listerine mouth wash – completed 20/11/12
Well I tried it, but I think the pictures tell you how much I liked it… 20121206-103258.jpg

76. Swing on some swings – completed 20/11/1220121206-093142.jpg

90. Buy that whistle song off iTunes – completed 6/11/1220121206-093132.jpg

94. Pump up my own tires – completed 13/10/12


Which means I now have a month to finish the rest… some can’t be crossed off until the very end of the year but others can which means I still have 40 to go and a month to do it… here we go… could be a big month.