2012 – Through the eyes of my iPhone

Once again I find myself reminiscing on the year gone by, still finding it hard to believe that another year is over… This year, just like all those gone by has been busy, filled with all things that tell me I am alive, highs, lows, fun, laughter, tears and sadness.  I find this time of year really both happy and sad, I love looking back on what I have achieved, as well as planning some adventures for next year.  Yet I also feel sad about the things I couldn’t or didn’t do, or perhaps the time that I wasted on things that I shouldn’t have, but I know that really this is what makes up a year, it’s all just part of it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed using my project365 photos to help me capture all that happened in 2012… both the good and bad… so here is 2012 through the eyes of my iPhone, with a highlight for each month some big, some small but all highlights… oh and maybe some special mentions…



Highlight: January was a list frenzy, everything from cleaning, baking, getting fit and eating… and all of it was heaps of fun, especially because it most of them were crossed off with friends and family.  Time well spent.



Highlight: Weekend’s away at the beach.



Highlight: Taylor Swift with some very excited young girls… oh and great food…. Steak Sandwiches… yum yum.



Highlight: My Birthday and everything that went with it… including my kindle… man I love that thing.  Special Mention goes to the Inverloch house which we said goodbye to in April, I have lots of fond memories and while it may not have been a highlight of this month, that house certainly has played a big part in summer and holiday highlights of years gone by.



Highlight: Our trip to New Zealand, and being able to celebrate Brian and Jean’s 60th Wedding anniversary… oh and our first one.  Oh and a special mention to my first classroom teaching placement.



Highlight: A few bonus trips to Bendigo and all the fun that that brings… it’s a fun place to be especially when you have friends like mine.



Highlight: Getting my Donna Hay on, not once, but thrice.  July also has a few important birthday’s in it which always deserve a special mention.



Highlight: Dave’s Secondary Performance Dinner (SPD) with Jake.



Highlight: Getting stuck into my exercise and loving it… no sarcasm, actually loving it.  Oh and finishing placement is worth a special mention.



Highlight: Completing my 10km run at the Melbourne Marathon Series.



Highlight: Dust and Jess got married… doesn’t get much more exciting than that… although the colour run does get a special mention.



Highlight: Christmas… the food, the gifts, the carols and the fun… always a winner especially the town hall lights… that was very cool.

So there you go… my year… it seems simple when you put it all together like that, but it wasn’t, it was good though and I am hoping that 2013 is just as good… maybe even better.

The 2012 List Wrap Up

Here we are at the end of the year… every year I am pretty sure it gets quicker, but 2012 is almost done and dusted… So it’s time to have a look at the list… to see what is done and what is not… and maybe even offer up some kind of reason for those that remain… so here it is the 2012 list wrap up…The list border

  1. Lose 10kgs
    Well I have lost weight, but not quite this much… but at least it’s going in the right direction
  2. Make my own ice cream – completed: 9/1/12
  3. Read 6 books – completed: 25/4/12
  4. Exercise at least once a week – completed: 31/12/12
    Well it depends which way you look at it, it averaged at least once a week, but there were a few weeks which had none.  Either way it was more exercise than I have done in a long time.
  5. Do my devotions at least 3 times per week
    Once again I have failed on this… I thought I was getting better but turns out no… it might have to go back on the list for next year
  6. Take at least one photo everyday – project 365 – completed: 31/12/12
    Check it out here ‘2012 – Through the eyes of my iPhone’
  7. Finish scrap booking old stuff – completed: 4/11/12
  8. Make photo book with wedding pictures – completed: 20/6/12
  9. Stop pushing the snooze button
    Another bad habit I couldn’t shake… maybe in 2013
  10. Leave my phone out side my bedroom at night – completed:31/12/12
    Well it may not have been out of the bedroom… but it hasn’t been on my side of the bed
  11. Plan my week each week
    Nup, no excuses just didn’t do it
  12. Eat with Dave at least once a week – completed: 31/12/12
  13. Make breakfast muffins – completed: 16/1/12
  14. Stop eating chocolate at breakfast – completed: 31/12/12
  15. Blog once a week – completed: 31/12/12
  16. Bake meringues – completed: 3/2/12
  17. Drink a bottle of water everyday – completed: 31/12/12
    If it wasn’t everyday, it was pretty close to
  18. Keep my car free of rubbish – completed:31/12/12
    Better than any other year anyway…
  19. See some fireworks – completed: 12/3/12
  20. Get a Massage – completed: 25/12/12
  21. Have 2 ‘Diet coke free’ days per week
    Nup… I have certainly had less, but probably not two whole free days a week if I am honest.
  22. Watch a sunset with Dave – completed: 4/2/12
  23. Buy a new dress – completed: 1/11/12
  24. Finish watching Mcleod’s Daughters – completed: 14/4/12
  25. Fix up my super stuff – completed: 24/1/12
  26. Ride a push bike at least once – completed: 15/7/12
  27. Go on a picnic – completed: 4/11/12
  28. Go and hear live music – completed: 12/3/12
  29. Dance with Dave – completed: 10/12/12
  30. Go camping – completed: 7-9/5/12
  31. Go to the museum – completed: 11/2/12
  32. Stay at the Langham – completed: 19/5/12
  33. Get our wedding pictures framed – completed: 21/7/12
  34. Have a bath – completed: 15/4/12
  35. Make a mocktail – completed: 27/1/12
  36. Do a fun run/walk – completed: 26/8/12 (Walk), 14/10/12 (Run)
  37. Go on a road trip – completed: 29/6/12
  38. Stop biting my nails – completed:31/12/12
    Well most of the time… except when I am really stressed… either way I now have nails… and most of the time the stay on, untouched by my teeth.
  39. See a musical – completed: 29/2/12
  40. Have a rainbow paddle pop – completed: 27/1/12
  41. Try 1 recipe from each of my Donna Hay subscription Mags – completed: 25/12/12
  42. Finish unpacking my stuff in the study – completed: 3/3/12
  43. Make up our wedding guest note book
    Almost… all the pictures are stuck in, but it doesn’t have a cover and it isn’t bound… yet
  44. Go without TV for a week – completed: 28/10/12
  45. Go to a Trivia Night
  46. Respond to text Messages asap – completed: 31/12/12
    It’s getting much quicker, certainly better than a year ago
  47. Tidy my study and keep it clean all year
    Well it has been tidy for periods of time, but not the whole year
  48. Paint my toenails at least once a month – completed:31/12/12
    Again… if we go by averages… it’s done
  49. Eat red meat at least twice a week
  50. Deal with my mail asap – completed: 31/12/12
    I’m even learning to through things I don’t want out straight away.
  51. Eat 1 piece of fruit everyday
  52. Be true to my date days
    Well, we didn’t really have any… so I guess not
  53. Cook dinner for Dave at least once a week – completed: 31/12/12
    I’m not so sure about this one, but Dave thinks so, so who am I to argue
  54. Use every appliance in my kitchen at least once – completed: 9/12/12
  55. Clean the gunk off the baby havaiana in my car – completed: 27/1/12
  56. Eat at 10 different breakfast places – completed: 12/3/12
  57. Bust a move in a random location – completed: 27/1/12
  58. Visit a country town I haven’t been to before – completed: 7-9/5/12
  59. Go to a wedding – completed: 22/9/12
  60. See the fire balls at crown – completed: 18/5/12
  61. Do my chores – completed: 31/12/12
    When Dave didn’t get there first I did 🙂
  62. Learn a new joke – completed: 26/5/12
  63. Visit Castlemaine – completed: 26/1/12
  64. Visit Bendigo – completed: 24/6/12
  65. Do my own washing once – completed: 2/4/12
  66. Spend an afternoon playing with Dex – completed: 7/12/12
  67. Play my flute – completed: 20/11/12
  68. Wash my own car – completed: 7/2/12
  69. Stop picking
    I wish I had crossed this off the list… I really do
  70. Send 5 cards by post just because – completed: 2/7/12
  71. Play with play-dough – completed: 27/1/12
  72. Have a hot jam doughnut – completed: 10/3/12
  73. Got to a football game – completed: 10/3/12
  74. Floss once a week
    I also wish I had crossed this off, I have certainly done it more frequently, but perhaps not every week… and certainly a far cry from every night like I am supposed to.
  75. Try listerine mouth wash – completed: 20/11/12
  76. Go a term without macca’s – completed: 30/3/12
  77. Sing in the shower – completed: 7/2/12
  78. Swing on some swings – completed: 20/11/12
  79. Go to the beach at least three times – completed: 4/2/12
  80. Go up to a look out and look over the city – completed: 7/7/12
  81. Have a pot of tea – completed: 1/1/12
  82. Moisturize regularly – completed: 31/12/12
  83. Bake something for work – completed: 27/2/12
  84. Do 3 exercise classes – completed: 6/3/12
  85. Have one BBQ Wednesday – completed: 19/12/12
  86. Get an exercise piggy bank – completed: 23/1/12
  87. Go on a boat
  88. Go to the zoo – completed: 22/12/12
  89. Go to a concert of Dave’s – completed: 3/8/12
  90. Buy that whistle song off iTunes – completed: 6/11/12
  91. Master the cracking of eggs
  92. Fly a kite
  93. Make a gingerbread house – completed: 15/12/12
  94. Pump up my own tires – completed: 13/10/12
  95. Check my car’s oil – completed: 12/6/12
  96. Swim laps at the pool – completed: 27/8/12
  97. Do a water aerobics class – completed: 25/6/12
  98. Play with sparklers – completed: 18/7/12
  99. Try an espresso – completed: 14/1/12
  100. Have a dinner party – completed: 25/12/12

So there you go the list for 2012… 84 out of 100 is pretty good… even if I say so myself.

Bring on the the 2013 list.