Goodbye My Friend

Today is a sad day, a really sad day… Today my computer died… well, it actually died last night, but it was pronounced dead by the apple store today. It’s not really a shock because my computer was getting old, but I didn’t expect to just die, without warning or a goodbye. Nevertheless it is gone and I have to get used to it.

I have blogged before about the fact that I get attached to inanimate objects… and to date the most painful has been my car…which I said goodbye to in 2010, but I am pretty sure this will come close. Thankfully I backed up my computer yesterday so all of my stuff is still there, but it will never quite be the same. Sure in a few months I will have a shiny new computer, with more space, enough to fit everything, one which I won’t need to fight with to just put a few more photos on, or to update my software… but it won’t be the same…

I know it seems ridiculous to be so sad about losing a computer, of course it isn’t a person, or a pet, but it had shared with my some pretty big journeys and has helped me to achieved quite a few things. This computer was my first apple… now I know not everyone loves apple, but I do, I really do. I loved how easy it was to work, the fact that it all just made sense and the fact that it just did what it was supposed to do, no silly warnings, just what I wanted when I wanted it… I also loved it’s shiny silver keyboard and how smooth it was to type. It was the first computer I had that didn’t get bugs all the time. The first computer I had as an adult. It got me through my first degree. It kept me connected to my friends and family… and shops during my journey to Castlemaine. It held hundred’s and hundred’s of photos and reminisced with me whenever I wanted. It made more slide shows, photos, invitations, movies and blogs than any of my computers before. And even though it was 4 and a half years old it still worked a treat (well until yesterday). I was such a trouper that even the apple guy was surprised to see it. It only had another 6months until it would have been considered vintage apple… but it won’t make it that far now.

Even now as I type I keep going to check things on my computer… like the first pictures I uploaded on to it and my music collection, but then I remember this isn’t my computer, this is Dave… my computer is dead… I am not sure how this will effect no. 56 ‘Clean out my computer properly’ on the list… because now it’s dead, it just seems a bit cruel. I suppose like all things that die I will have to organise and sort out the things it leaves behind… a hard drive that I am hoping to save full of data… perhaps that will count instead… I don’t know…

All I know is that it’s dead and I am sad. I now have a ‘Emma’s Mac’ sized hole in my heart that hurts… and I feel a little disconnected without it…


3 thoughts on “Goodbye My Friend

  1. Don’t worry Shirl, she cried enough for both of you. I reckon as soon as Uni starts again in Feb you will be rushing out to get a new one, at least it lives on as a portable harddrive now.

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