New Beginnings

So tomorrow is my new beginning… I know it’s day 7 of January, but I was lucky enough to have a few extra days off last week so I feel as this week will be my first full week of work for the year it’s time to get the year started… So tonight I am starting my new night regime… Something that I am hoping will become a series of good habits and tomorrow morning I start my new morning routine, something I haven’t had for a long time.  Tomorrow I also go back to regular exercise and being a little more fussy with my eating as I try to stop that holiday snacking.  This is one of the many reasons why I really love January because it feels like a month of fresh starts, time to get established and started but because you have the whole month it isn’t too much of a rush… It will happen as it happens and that is ok, but I am hoping that for me it will start tomorrow, well kinda tonight… But definitely tomorrow.

So what do I have in mind? Well I have been reading this book called ‘one bite at a time: 52 projects for making life simpler’ by Tsh Oxenreider which as the title suggests is little bite size projects to simplify, and even though it is written for busy mums… one of which I am not, I am still busy and I could do with some simplifying… And routine is something that is suggested to help this. In fact there are a few things on this years list from the book that I have decided to have a go at… but I guess we will get to those as I do throughout the year.

Anyway… To the point is…. even though I often deny it, I actually do love routine and structure so I am hoping that this will be a positive addition to my life… So as of tonight/tomorrow I start my night and morning routines… and for now they look a little like this:


Before I go to bed I need to:
Make my lunch for the next day
Get my clothes out for the morning
Do a 15 minute quick clean
Write a to do list for the next day
Do my devotions

In the morning I need to:
Have a proper breakfast
Have a cup of tea
Make my bed

I know they seem simple but they are a far cry from my current mad rush in the morning… I am hoping it will help me start the day in a better way and therefore I will have a better day… that’s the theory anyway… so here we go… Structure and routine

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