Blogging in my brain

So I have been terrible at blogging regularly so far this year and here is why I think that is… things happen to me and I think to myself maybe I should write a blog about that.  I map it out in my brain, test it and then forget about it… Or once I have finished thinking about it and go to start typing I decide that it was a silly blog and no one will really care.   So most of my blogs have been in my head… and the ones that do make it to semi typed never get published, because they never get completely finished… mostly because I don’t like back dating and now the moment has passed and I am worried it will come across like a grade 5 school diary.

I’m a little sad that this is the case, and I really wish it wasn’t because there were some fun stories, interesting observations and even some very important public announcements… and while I am not going to back date them, perhaps some of them will come out in the future… who knows… all I know is that while my internet blog seems to be temporarily asleep, the blogs are writing themselves in my brain, just not getting any further.

Maybe I need one of those dictation apps…