Serve me a Slice of Humble Pie

I have a confession… I brought an iPad mini… this isn’t really that big a deal except for the fact that a couple of years ago… in fact some time in 2010… when the original iPad was released I made a ridiculous declaration about how unnecessary they are… and to make it worse I made it in church… but it didn’t stop there… I then told everyone who was there that night that under no certainty was I going to get one… In fact I’m pretty sure that I said it was a complete waste of money because all it was, was a glorified iPhone and because I had an iPhone there was absolutely no reason for an iPad. Yet here I am, sitting here writing this on my iPad… So why have I got one? Well would you believe me if I said that I needed one? No? Well ok… let me explain…

I still stand by my original sentiments, because they remain true, no one needs an iPad… But… I have been using one at work which I had to give back, and while it is also true that I could do everything I needed the iPad for on my iPhone… Apparently that doesn’t fly in the workplace… So surely I could just go back to the way it was before… well since then I have become the iPad guru at work, continuing with a project that uses our iPads in place of my old bulky dietetic folder… so it would be a little silly for the iPad project girl not to have an iPad… sure I could work around it, but the reality is I just decided I needed one… So I have succumbed and purchased one… but it doesn’t just stop there… the truth is… I love it… I still don’t need it, but I am glad I have it and now I have to eat my words… Because even though I said I wouldn’t… I did and I am not even really that sorry about it.

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