2 years on…

I was thinking about how I would write my blog for Dave and I’s second wedding anniversary, which seems to have come around much quicker than the first one did.  I wanted to do something different, something special, but the truth is I am stumped for ideas…

I have been reading back through the blogs I wrote at 6months – ‘Top 10 moments of married life so far’ and at 12months – ‘525600 Minutes‘ which was a reflection on 10 things I had learnt since I got married and I am not so sure that all that much has changed… and I think that is ok… life is pretty good, we are still having fun and I am still learning… in fact as I write this the song we had playing during our wedding ceremony once in a life time love is playing, and I think that it still sums up us perfectly… we have it pretty good, we love each other and that’s all that matters so Happy Anniversary darling.

We have come a long way from two teenagers fresh out of high school, and I think we are doing ok, I hope there are many more years like this one to come…

9years together

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