Mayday! May Day… well actually its June and it appears that once again, my poor little blog has been a little neglected, lots has been happening behind the scenes… life has been busy busy busy, with Dave’s Schools Production, University Placements and New Jobs… lots has been going on.  It’s all actually really exciting, some incredible achievements and some new adventures ready to go.

I am really excited about what this new chapter holds, what will happen next and the challenges it will bring.  I know it isn’t going to all be smooth sailing as nothing ever is, but I am ready for it… at least I think I am.  One of the other things that I hoping for this next chapter is for me to continue to work on me… one of the things I really want to do is being better at practicing what I preach, as a dietitian, as a Christian and at getting balance in my life.  I really excited that my new job is only 4 days a week, rather than full time as it means I will hopefully be able to do everything I want to… a big ask I know, but it will give me a day to study, to the things I need I need to around the house and to work on me for a bit…

At the moment I have a lot of information that I know, in theory and for a long time… well most of my life… I have been excellent at putting things off, justifying bad food and time choices and generally applying things to other peoples lives rather than my own.  So hopefully over the next little while I will be able to share this little journey with you, the changes that I make… Or attempt to make and you can take the journey with me.  I am hoping that especially with my dietetic journey of practicing what I preach I might even be able to share some insight and bust some myths, but hopefully show that its not easy and we (dietitians) know that, but I hope that you will be able to see its worth it.  The thing is I want this blog to be mean something when I look back through it, and this is a journey I need to take, so I am taking you in the ride with me if you want to come…

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