Catching the Trend

As I have been working through my list for this year I have learnt something… well I suppose that’s kind of the point… but it was something unexpected… I have learnt that there is some benefit for jumping on a trend at the last minute.  Usually I am a little slow to get into things… or way too fast (as in before it is considered potentially cool… which by default, makes it uncool).  Either way, I usually want to let it be tested by others for a while first… for example, Wicked the musical had been playing for about a year in Melbourne before I went for the first time… then I loved it and went back at least 5 times.  Or fluro anything… I was convinced it would pass, but now that it’s been around for a while (I still know it will pass eventually), I have jumped in feet first… I have fluro sneakers which I am pretty proud of… and some most of my other work out gear also has a touch of fluro.

Well it turns out the same things go for books, as part of this years list I have challenged myself to read at least 12 books, that’s twice as many as last year and I am currently on my 6th book… so I need to lift my game a little… As a little extra challenge to myself, I also decided that I would try some different books, not just authors I knew, but some randoms… enter Marissa Meyer  and ‘The Lunar Chronicles’.  I choose the first book ‘Cinder’ because it intrigued me… it was the fairy-tale story of Cinderella, set in the future, in a world full of all things sci-fi… my Disney love and nerd interior rejoiced at the possible combination.  I noticed ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ written at the top of the page, but I didn’t think much of it, I didn’t really know all that much about the books… so I just assumed the whole series was available when ever I needed it…  At the end of book one it became clear that while some aspects of the story had finished the bigger story was just beginning, so I downloaded on to my kindle the next book… ‘Scarlet’… soon enough this was also finished and I need the next one… but I couldn’t find it on Amazon… a little perplexed I googled the author only to discover that series had only been half written, the 4 book chronicles was incomplete at the moment… the third and forth books were still to be written… planned but not available… so now I have had to move on… despite the fact that I feel a little incomplete myself… I wished I had not started the series until all the books had been written… I wished I had jumped on the ‘Cinder’ bandwagon much later… when I could have it all… I don’t want to wait to find out what happens… I want to no now… this is the down side of finding a good new series before its been finished… or even tested by others… If I had waited for it to be recommended I would have known about the wait,and the gap… I would have seen it coming, instead I pioneered something new and now I have to wait… until 2014… for the next book.


One thought on “Catching the Trend

  1. I like to stay behind the trends too, I just bought skinny-et jeans even thought they are almost out.
    everything comes in cycles.
    I’m glad you are enjoying your reading again

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