Beating Breakfast

Ok… so this is my first attempt and practicing what I preach and sharing that journey with you, I have decided to set out with a little structure, just so that it is clear what to do and what not to do… because trust me, just because I am currently doing it, doesn’t mean it is ok… So here is how it will work… I will let you in on my secret bad food habits, tell you why it is bad and what needs to be done instead and then tell you my plan… coz lets face it accountability is what makes the world go round…

Em’s Bad Food Habit no. 1

Breakfast is something that I am constantly telling my clients is important, but unfortunately it is also my worst meal of the day… I just find it really hard… so hard that  last year I had 3 breakfast specific items on my list and this years list includes a breakfast ultimatum… coming in at no. 8 is ‘Stop buying breakfast regularly’… it’s time to break my bad breakky habits, which include skipping it altogether, allowing chocolate to be an appropriate choice and various forms of liquid breakfast including up & go and ice breaks.  Now if you want me to I can justify all of these choices, but the reality is its not ok… I need to start the day right… and that means a nutritious and regular breakfast.

So why is breakfast so important?

Well there are a couple of reasons…

  1. Our bodies work with a feedback system, telling us when to eat and when we are full, the second part of that feedback isn’t as quick as the first, but regular meals can help the body better regulate these systems to make them more effective.

  2. Our brains need fuel to work… no breakfast usually means a slower brain, well not exactly but you know what I mean, concentration is hard without food.

  3. Breakfast can help with weight control… research tells us that people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight or obese than those who skip this meal regularly!

Basically having breakfast has no downside… it helps maintain a healthy weight, regulates our body and makes us work better… what is there to lose…  The good news is it doesn’t have to be gourmet or fancy… your best bet is a high fibre, low GI choice… from a cereal to multi-grain toast to a breaky muffin (not the store brought variety)… the hardest bit is actually doing it… or maybe that’s just me.

My goal…


Well it is pretty much what is on the list… stop buying breakfast… when I buy breakfast I make bad choices… usually an ice break from 7-11… it not only expensive… but just lazy…  since I have started my new job I have been making a concerted effort to have breakfast before I leave the house so that I have no reason to stop… and so I don’t buy rubbish… and so far there have been some good days, but some of my old habits have snuck back in.  I have often stuffed up and brought an ice break, but there has still been a whole lot more eating breakfast at home than I have done probably in the last 4 years…  so as a little encouragement for me to stop, and a deterrent from going back… I have done some maths for my weekday breakfasts… an ice break from 7-11 costs $3.80, that’s at the very least $19 (if I don’t get tempted by all the other goodies available) which is $912 a year… wow… which also comes out of my pocket money which I could be using for much more exciting things… compared to having breaky at home… lets take some Weetbix, just as an example… 3 Weetbix with a cup of low fat milk costs about 68cents… that’s $3.40 a week… or $163.2 a year… so by just having breakfast at home I can save $749… that’s CRAZY!

So not only will I save a bunch of money… but I will be setting myself up for the day, helping improve my intake (coz lets face it, everyone knows Weetbix are better for you than iced coffee) and hopefully my weight…  but more importantly I will be practicing what I preach… walking the talk… and being better for it…

5 thoughts on “Beating Breakfast

  1. Emma, being realistic about this, I am almost certain that you will get sick of 3 Weet-Bix with low fat every day for breakfast. Even you are trying your hardest to have this every day for breakfast you will indeed get sick of this same routine. It is not as appealing as flavoured milk I can assure you. However, don’t let this get you down. Variety is the spice of life! Toast and your choice of spread (no, you can’t have nutella), fruit toast, fruit/english muffins, instant porridge sachets (not as good as proper rolled oats, but let’s face it time can be a problem), Weet-Bix will a sprinkle of muesli or some fruit eg banana or tinned peaches, an alternative high fibre cereal to have instead of Weet-Bix – I’m thinking flakes with some dried fruit, natural muesli with yoghurt (no need for milk this time). Brainstorm away and I’m sure you’ll think of some more desirable ways to start the day.

    Is time one of your issues? If so, think of all the things that you would normally do in the morning… Now remove one of those things eg. shower, hair, make-up. Eat breakfast first and reward yourself with something that you wouldn’t normally leave the house without doing. Just might help you look at it from a different perspective. Yes, that’s right, if you don’t have breakfast, the rest of the world will have to face the consequences.

    Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you when I have my 2 slices of wholemeal toast with vegemite for breakfast tomorrow.

    • Hey Flic,

      Spoken like a true Dietitian :), You would be surprised how much I like weetbix – well actually vita brits, but lets face it they are pretty much the same. You are correct that eventually I will get sick of it, but for now it will be fine :), but thanks for the list of backups just in case!

      And trust me the world isn’t ready for the consequences as it would either be shower or sleep as they others aren’t an issue… and I am pretty sure the world isn’t ready for that 🙂 stinky em and cranky em are not nice! But you are correct a different perspective is always nice.

      Thanks for the comment :), and enjoy your toast!


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