Jake Turns 21

So today is a pretty big milestone for my family, my youngest sibling, my brother Jacob, turns 21.  That means we are all pretty much grown up (in the age sense of the word, maturity is another story).  And even though we have spent pretty much all weekend celebrating him and the person he is.  I just wanted to add my two cents here… I am so proud of Jake and all that he has accomplished.  I am so glad he has found his feet and he most definitely different from me, and his own unique person.  And even though I have often tried to palm him off as my annoying little brother, I really do love being his big sister!  I have loved teaching him things, hanging out with him, fighting with him, playing Nintendo with him, watching Disney movies with him, looking after him and watching him grow up.  But I am also loving the fact that he has always taught me to be proud of who I am, to not be afraid of standing out or having different interests and hobbies (even if they are a little weird) and to embrace life even when it gets a little bumpy.  I am really excited to see what’s next for Jake, and what his future has in store because I know that God has big plans for him.

 So Happy 21st Jake!  I love you so much and I am super proud of you!

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