Once Again I’ve Let the Blog Down

Well it’s been a long time since I last blogged… and just like always its because life gets in the way, things get busy, things need to be done and unfortunately most of them seem to out rank my poor little blog.

So what have I missed… well uni is back in full swing and to say that I am excited about the fact that this is my last semester would be an understatement.  I really thought it would be easier with my new job boing only four days each week, but it turns out I have just done other things on the Friday… not fun things, like adventures and day trips, but mostly other work.

I have also found it harder than ever to get back into study, last semester for one subject my grades were a lot lower than I would have ever liked, and it all came down to a combination of poor instruction and lack of interest… but it has really made me even more nervous about this semester.  I have been triple checking things, re-reading and second guessing everything I post, submit and write which means everything is taking longer, all because of some poor communication last semester… but I am trying to let it go and just get this semester over and done with…

This week I am back on placement, which while it is a break from work, it means putting my teacher hat back on and thinking about everything I do… because it’s all being watched.  All with the added pressure that this is the last one, so I have to prove I can do it… I feel like I am back at uni doing my last clinical competency placement all over again… and it’s only day one.

Other than that, well there have been a few other things, but they are probably worth talking about on their own or not at all, so you will just have to wait and see.

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