Dex and I love Spring

I really love spring, I love that the days are longer but the weather is not too hot, and not too cold. I love that it is still light when I get home from work, even without daylight saving (although I am super excited that daylight savings will start again soon).

I know it’s boring to talk about the weather on a blog… Unless it’s a weather blog… But it’s true I love it… It’s made it a lot easier to get out and do my exercise and I think Dex is enjoying it too…

Here is some pics of Dex and I loving spring… Including some fetch in the park… Crossing no. 81. off the list.

Spring Time Fun

4 thoughts on “Dex and I love Spring

    • ha ha ha, glad you approve Flic. You make me sound like such a bad pet owner… he goes for lots of walks and plays lots of fetch in the backyard, just not at the park… I promise he isn’t missing out 🙂

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