Davey G

One of the things I love about Dave, is his musical talent – in fact it was because of this that we met.  But through no fault of his, (it’s actually all me, and my need to have a go and hang around generally being annoying) I don’t often get to hear him play. And while this is not the way I had planned to cross of ‘hear live music’ off the list, I am really glad that it turned out this way…

On Friday night I attended Dave’s school’s secondary performance dessert – their equivalent of the school concert… The performing arts teachers are also asked to perform, and Dave, coz he is a man of many musical talents, each year plays a different instrument… This year it was a chance for the soprano saxophone to shine… And with a theme of ‘that’s entertainment’ the ultimate combination of Kenny G and George Michael was born… And coz it is just too good not to share… Here it is…

Enjoy a little bit of Davey G…

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