3 Things I learnt while smashing a piñata

One of the most random things on my list this year was number 26. Smash a piñata… this also turned out to be one of the most fun… and an educational experience… in fact I learnt at least 3 things…

1.  Garden stakes aren’t a good choice of whacking stick… in fact it’s actually quite dangerous, they have a pointy end

2.  Smashing a piñata is loud… And it turns out at night it is loud enough to scare the neighbours dogs… oops.

3. Piñatas are hard work… in fact they are quite a work out.  It turns out the cardboard is reinforced with more cardboard and then more cupboard after that…  but once you’re in… it’s worth it!

Thanks Julia for my piñata… it was super fun.




It’s Over – Part 2

It’s really over this time… I am not even joking… it’s done and dusted, never again…

Over the last little while I have been having a little breakfast relapse… going back to my old ways of ice break in the morning… which has not only got more expensive, but now ruined everything.

Let me paint you the picture, last Thursday morning I pulled into the car park at work and decided that rather than take the last mouthful of my ice break breakfast into work with me I would quickly drink it in the car… Not a hard task… As I drank the iced coffee I am not really sure what happened… but it just all went wrong… seriously wrong… maybe my mouthful was too big? Maybe it was too fast? Maybe I just wasn’t concentrating, but almost as quick as it went in… it came out in a massive cough and splutter all over me, my steering wheel, my mirror and the inside of my windscreen… Everywhere… I jumped out of my car to try and save my outfit from complete devastation… and threw most of the milk off only to turn around and discover the trail of destruction that had been left in my car… which with the promise of a 30degree day was already starting to smell in the sunlight…

It was seriously disgusting… I tried my best to clean it off with paper towels and antibacterial wipes… but it just smudged. There was milk in places I couldn’t even reach or get to with the toweling… just gross.

Thankfully there is a hand car wash place around the corner from work, so after explaining what had happened they cleaned my car… and it looks amazing… no milk… no smell, just nice clean car… but that’s it… never again am I having an ice break in my car… it’s real breakfast or nothing at all…


It’s almost done

I can see the finish line… the end of my second degree is in sight… now I just need to find the motivation to complete my last three assignments because I am really looking forward to it being done!

There are parts of the course I have really enjoyed, for example In September I finished my last teaching round – which I really loved… I know it’s not uncommon for people to hate teaching rounds, but I feel really blessed to have had the placement I did this year.  I loved sharing my knowledge with the students in the classroom and learning from them too, it’s nice to feel like you know what you are talking about and being able to answer questions about a whole range of things, although it does make me feel old.  I loved the kids, I loved the actual teaching and I loved being able to grow as a teacher in an encouraging and supportive environment.  I loved the fact that I got to see the students grow and I loved the challenge of being confronted with social and life issues that I have never and probably will never experience.  I was so amazed listening to some of the kids stories and knowing how far they had come, and what they had achieved despite the rocky start.  It is most definitely an experience I will never forget.

But now I have to put my head down again and smash out some assignments… which if I am honest… I just don’t want to do.  I have been counting down my assignments… Only 3 to go… I’m not really sure what happens when I finish coz I am really loving my new dietetic role, but they are still some extra skills up my sleeve… I am also sure that once it is done I will have that empty feeling for a little while, the one that used to follow me around in the summer holidays during my school and uni years. That feeling that I should be doing something, that something is due… That I have forgotten something, but if anyone hears me talking about doing more study while I work… Please slap me and tell me No! Cause I don’t think I have it in me again…

My Dip Ed has been a really interesting process, I have learnt a lot about myself, my expectations and been challenged by the diversity and experience students bring to the classroom and how that impacts me and my own teaching style.  It has been an interesting juggle of work, homework and life and I am really looking forward to a holiday that is actually a holiday… but I can’t think too much about that or these assignments will never get done… it’s time, back to the desk…

Like Father, Like Daughter

I can not tell how relieved I feel to have woken up this morning and discover that yesterday was not a dream.

IMG_0317This week I have been on edge… waiting all week for yesterday’s half marathon to arrive… nervous and freaking out.  Panicking about whether or not I could do it, whether or not the training that I had done would be enough, feeling uneasy about the fact that I had slacked off in the last month… right when it counted.  Worrying about what would happen… all compounded by a terrible 10km run the weekend before where nothing went right and it hurt from 3km onwards…  but now it is done and I feel really good… well my legs hurt and I am super tired… but I am feeling good about it!

I am not sure where all the anxiety for yesterday came from, but it was really intense.  I didn’t sleep well, I stressed out and I yelled at Dave about being prepared and having everything ready… none of which helped.  I think part of it may have been the fact that I tapered way to early (not on purpose, it just happened that way) and partly because when I look at my list there are lots of things that I think will be hard to accomplish and perhaps won’t be achieved this year… but they are things that take time, long term projects… but the half marathon is a single event that is hard and hurts… and I had only really given myself the one shot at it.  I think I felt pressure… from myself to do it and do it well. Even now as I sit here and reflect on it I am torn between being elated that it is done  and spewing coz I didn’t push myself 2 minutes harder and get my official time under 3hrs where I wanted it.  I knew it was going to be slow and according to my GPS on my phone I did get through the 21.1kms under 3hrs… but not according to my official time… and that hurts.  But I know that yesterday I did my best… I pushed myself the whole way through and next time… if there is a next time… I will do the same, and if I get under 3 then it will feel just as good as finishing now does.  Yesterday’s run was a mixture, I felt good running, my legs felt good  (for the first 16kms), I wasn’t too puffed or desperately counting down my running minutes or savouring my walking minutes, but when the rain started with about an hour to go… I wan’t happy… it was cold, and really really wet… not quite the sunny Sunday morning I had the first time round.  Despite the stress, the pressure and expectations I am really proud of myself, even though I had done one before, I feel like I did this one better… like I was meant to be there this time and that I earned my medal.


IMG_0361I also loved running another half with Dad.  I know last time I had my brothers, and this time Dave was by my side running with me the whole time (which was probably way to slow for him, but much appreciated by me), I just loved having dad there.  Dad has been running long distances for as long as I have been alive, and even though the last 10 or so years have slowed him down on the running front and strongly encouraged him to choose other sports like cycling, he still loves it.  I remember trying to keep up with him as he took us for a run around the block when I was little and him jumping straight on board with me when I had a crazy idea to do one 4years ago – even though he probably shouldn’t have.  And yesterday having him there again was just special.  It is nice to be able to share it with him, to be proud with him, and to know that we have accomplished something impressive, independently, but together.  Although… he still runs quicker then me… whether I like it or not…

So I am super relieved that no. 9 is off the list… and so are my legs… now I can go back to other exercise fun, rather than just running.  Although I have the fun run bug again and have already been looking into what I might do next.