It’s almost done

I can see the finish line… the end of my second degree is in sight… now I just need to find the motivation to complete my last three assignments because I am really looking forward to it being done!

There are parts of the course I have really enjoyed, for example In September I finished my last teaching round – which I really loved… I know it’s not uncommon for people to hate teaching rounds, but I feel really blessed to have had the placement I did this year.  I loved sharing my knowledge with the students in the classroom and learning from them too, it’s nice to feel like you know what you are talking about and being able to answer questions about a whole range of things, although it does make me feel old.  I loved the kids, I loved the actual teaching and I loved being able to grow as a teacher in an encouraging and supportive environment.  I loved the fact that I got to see the students grow and I loved the challenge of being confronted with social and life issues that I have never and probably will never experience.  I was so amazed listening to some of the kids stories and knowing how far they had come, and what they had achieved despite the rocky start.  It is most definitely an experience I will never forget.

But now I have to put my head down again and smash out some assignments… which if I am honest… I just don’t want to do.  I have been counting down my assignments… Only 3 to go… I’m not really sure what happens when I finish coz I am really loving my new dietetic role, but they are still some extra skills up my sleeve… I am also sure that once it is done I will have that empty feeling for a little while, the one that used to follow me around in the summer holidays during my school and uni years. That feeling that I should be doing something, that something is due… That I have forgotten something, but if anyone hears me talking about doing more study while I work… Please slap me and tell me No! Cause I don’t think I have it in me again…

My Dip Ed has been a really interesting process, I have learnt a lot about myself, my expectations and been challenged by the diversity and experience students bring to the classroom and how that impacts me and my own teaching style.  It has been an interesting juggle of work, homework and life and I am really looking forward to a holiday that is actually a holiday… but I can’t think too much about that or these assignments will never get done… it’s time, back to the desk…

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