It’s Over – Part 2

It’s really over this time… I am not even joking… it’s done and dusted, never again…

Over the last little while I have been having a little breakfast relapse… going back to my old ways of ice break in the morning… which has not only got more expensive, but now ruined everything.

Let me paint you the picture, last Thursday morning I pulled into the car park at work and decided that rather than take the last mouthful of my ice break breakfast into work with me I would quickly drink it in the car… Not a hard task… As I drank the iced coffee I am not really sure what happened… but it just all went wrong… seriously wrong… maybe my mouthful was too big? Maybe it was too fast? Maybe I just wasn’t concentrating, but almost as quick as it went in… it came out in a massive cough and splutter all over me, my steering wheel, my mirror and the inside of my windscreen… Everywhere… I jumped out of my car to try and save my outfit from complete devastation… and threw most of the milk off only to turn around and discover the trail of destruction that had been left in my car… which with the promise of a 30degree day was already starting to smell in the sunlight…

It was seriously disgusting… I tried my best to clean it off with paper towels and antibacterial wipes… but it just smudged. There was milk in places I couldn’t even reach or get to with the toweling… just gross.

Thankfully there is a hand car wash place around the corner from work, so after explaining what had happened they cleaned my car… and it looks amazing… no milk… no smell, just nice clean car… but that’s it… never again am I having an ice break in my car… it’s real breakfast or nothing at all…


3 thoughts on “It’s Over – Part 2

  1. Very funny Em! I love reading of your everyday antics. Nothing worse than the smell of stale milk in your car. Glad you got it sorted straight away. Love you!

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