2013 – Through the eyes of my iPhone

Another year done and dusted… and once again it’s time to reminisce on what the year has brought.  It’s kind of overwhelming to look at the year in one go like this.  In many ways it feels like 2013 just started, but when I look at all the things i’ve done this year, it feels like a long time.

2013 has been another busy busy years, with lots of excitement, fun and laughter, some tears and sadness but it has all played an important part in the year that was… and without it.. it would have been pretty boring.  There are still things I wish I had have achieved this year, but there is lots of things that I have done which have been bigger and better than I could have imagined.  And just like the last couple of years I have taken a photo everyday, some good ones, some boring ones, and some in-between, but it gives me a good recap of all that happened in 2013… so here is 2013 through the eyes of my iPhone…



Highlight: January was fun month full of all good things about summer… sun, friends, family and the beach.  There was a lowlight of my computer dying, but that was outweighed by weddings, new puppies, dinner with family and some time at the beach with rellies from overseas… well played january.



Highlight: All things outdoors – my new herb garden, a new sleeping bag, moonlight cinema, young adults camp, oh and an indoor night with Keith Urban…



Highlight: New apple products – a new laptop and my iPad mini… Fun weekends in Inverloch where Dex met Abe oh and Kate got married… March was a winner month.



Highlight: My Birthday and everything that went with it… crossing things off my list… although I am not sure if bikram yoga is a highlight or lowlight… but the most exciting moment of all is getting the call that said my best friend was engaged!  So much love and joy in one call.



Highlight: Dave’s school production of Les Mis… hands down… it was simply the best, such a wonderful bunch of talented kids and teachers… well done WCC…. Also Jake got enrolled as an adherent and that was pretty awesome.



Highlight: Camping… I have decided I love it… I love the tent, I love the adventure and I love our new tradition of timer photos.



Highlight: Jake turned 21… and it was fun!  Oh and there was more camping which was also fun.



Highlight: Well actually it’s a lowlight, in August we said goodbye to Dave’s Nanny, which was sad, but it did mean I was able to learn a whole heap about Dave and his family, look through lots of pictures and reminisce which I love.



Highlight: September was a big month, we went on another road trip, I got an awesome Tupperware haul, the Hawks won the flag and I finished my teaching rounds.  Overall a pretty impressive month.



Highlight: The highlight for October definitely has to be upping the anti on 2012 and completing my 21.1km half marathon at the Melbourne Marathon Series with my Dad and Davo.



Highlight: Kempy got married, I got a veggie garden and we crammed in a whole lotta date days…



Highlight: Another December, another year of Christmas being the highlight… In particular this year a special mention goes to Carols by Candlelight, the fireworks and Bruce, my penguin snow globe.  Man I love Christmas.

So that’s it… another year condensed into pictures and a highlight or two… so much madness compacted…

Here’s to 2014… I’m hoping its even better…

The 2013 List Wrap Up

The List 4I am finding it really hard to believe that another year is over… This year seems to have gone quicker than the rest, especially the last couple of months… seriously it felt a little like warp speed.  But despite the fact that I am not quite ready for 2014… it starts tomorrow and so this years list must come to an end.  This year I have done pretty well, well I think so anyway, there are still a few left, but lots that are done and dusted… but it’s been a while since there was a list update so once again I am including it all in the wrap up.

Those that have a blog of their own have a hyperlink so you can just click it and read all about it… and the ones that don’t are all listed below with either an explanation of what happened… or why it didn’t.

Here we go… the 2013 wrap up…

  1. Have a Star Trek Movie Marathon – completed: 11/5/13
  2. Cook all meals at home for a fortnight (no buying take-away, or going out)
    I am almost embarrassed to admit that this didn’t happen… I am not even sure we had two weeks when we were both around… it’s been a busy busy year.
  3. Finish my Dip Ed – completed: 1/11/13
    All done and dusted… and it feels pretty good… now just to get my registration completed.
  4. Go in two fun runs/walks – completed: 13/10/13
    First the Sunset series run, then the half… fun run challenge complete.
  5. Complete a month’s photo a day challenge without missing a day – completed: 31/1/13
  6. Attend a Step Class – completed: 4/12/13
    Thanks to a free pass from a friend to the gym next to work this made it off the list fairly late in the year, but it is done.
  7. Read 12 books – completed: 13/12/13
    1. The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkin
    2. Cinder – Marissa Meyer
    3. Scarlet – Marissa Meyer
    4. Does This Church Make Me Look Fat – Rhoda Janzen
    5. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire – Jim Cymbala
    6. Inferno – Dan Brown
    7. The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin
    8. The Land Between – Jeff Manion
    9. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
    10. Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins
    11. The Color War – Jodi Picoult
    12. The Christmas Grandma Ran Away From Home – Nancy Warren
    and just for good measure 13. Mocking Jay – Suzanne Collins
  8. Stop buying breakfast regularly – completed: 31/12/13
  9. Complete a half marathon – completed: 13/10/13
  10. Use my diary more effectively – completed: 31/12/13
    It may not have been my paper diary like I would have hoped, but my little iCal on all my apple products has certainly had a work out… and I think its been quite effective in keeping Dave and I at the right places at the right times.
  11. Start a list of restaurants Dave and I like to go to – completed: 31/12/13
    Its not a long list… but it has been started… and now we can just continue to add to it.
  12. Watch all of my Disney Movies – completed 29/12/13
    It turns out I have a lot of Disney DVDs and it took forever to get through them… all year in fact…. but it is done… all watched.
  13. Clean out my wardrobe – completed: 20/1/13
  14. Go to the beach at least 5 times – completed: 19/1/13
  15. Get a herb garden – completed: 3/2/13
    Ok so I got a herb garden… but it died… but then I started a veggie patch which is still going… so I guess it still counts.
  16. Be deliberate with my TV time – completed: 31/12/13
  17. Go Camping – completed: 8/6/13
  18. Do something I have never done before – completed: 9/4/13
  19. Be on time to things – completed: 31/12/13
    Well maybe not everything, but I am definitely getting better.
  20. Build something from Ikea – completed: 22/12/13
    It was just a box… but it was from Ikea.
  21. Throw something old out/give something away every week
  22. Go to the library – completed: 20/3/13
  23. Visit Mum in Mornington – completed: 13/3/13
  24. Start a list of all the common dishes Dave and I like to eat – completed: 31/12/13
    Again its not a long list… but it is a list and now we add to it as we go.
  25. Blow Bubbles – completed: 7/1/13
  26. Smash a Piñata – completed: 21/10/13
  27. Play Badminton – completed: 27/12/13
    I was lucky enough to do this twice… the first with an up coming champion of the sport… my cousin Jack and second in the streets of Inverloch.
  28. Try Yoga or Pilates – completed: 25/4/13
  29. Get down to my goal weight… and stay there
    Yet again this goal has been left unachieved… but I will get there… even if it kills me.
  30. Establish a morning routine
    I tried… but it didn’t stick…
  31. Establish an evening routine
    Same as the morning routine… I tried… but it’s still on the list.
  32. Exercise 3 times a week – completed: 31/12/13
    So again this year it wasn’t every week, but on average I am pretty sure I achieved this, so I am crossing it off  as done.
  33. See the Myer windows – completed: 30/11/13
    Lovely as always… and a Christmas must.
  34. Wash my car regularly
    Well I washed it… but it wasn’t very regularly
  35. Eat 5 new foods/dishes I haven’t tried before – completed: 25/12/13
    1. Roasted Beetroot
    2. Bubble Cup
    3. Dahl
    4. Salted Caramel
    5. Egg Nog
  36. Finish a puzzle – completed: 20/12/13
    Ok so it was a tiny puzzle I got in a Christmas Bon Bon, but it was still a puzzle.
  37. Make Home Made Jam – completed: 14/7/13
    It exploded all over the microwave, but it tasted pretty good.
  38. Make a gratitude jar and use it – completed: 14/3/13
  39. Do a clean out of my Kikki.K folders
    They are still sitting there, some have been cleaned out, but not all
  40. Make something out of origami – completed: 25/4/13
  41. Exercise everyday before work for a week – completed: 24/10/13
  42. See Dave’s school production – completed: 16/5/13
  43. Hear a big band live – completed: 30/11/13
    Davo playing in the Salvo Big Band with Idea of North
  44. Finish our Wedding guest book
    Um… it’s still not done… next year… next year.
  45. Sort through my Cooking magazines and take the recipes I like for my folder
    I started… but I haven’t finished so I can’t cross it off… but it is started and that is a good step.
  46. Make something I have seen on Pinterest – completed: 14/3/13
  47. Lie on the ground and look at the stars – completed: 7/6/13
  48. Have high tea somewhere – completed: 13/4/13
    A winner birthday surprise from my besties.
  49. Crack 5 eggs in a row without having any shell accidents – completed: 28/4/13
    I have finally nailed it… no more digging out shell.
  50. Try at least one exercise from each of my Women’s Fitness Magazines
    It started and got pretty close, but I didn’t do them all.
  51. Have a spa – completed: 6/7/13
  52. Actually stop pushing the snooze button
    Another year… still a lot of snoozing.
  53. Go to a Trivia night – completed: 15/6/13
    Well it wasn’t quite what I had imagined, but we did play trivial pursuit so I think it counts.
  54. Paint my nails and toenails regularly
    Not this year…
  55. Take a photo everyday – completed: 31/12/13
  56. Clean out my computer properly – completed: 31/3/13
  57. Hear live music – completed: 6/9/12
  58. Have 5 different groups of people over for a meal – completed: 24/11/13
  59. See some fireworks – completed: 8/12/13
    And they were Christmas fireworks which makes it even better
  60. Pack up after myself more often than I don’t
    Sorry Dave… I didn’t do this.
  61. See a Musical – completed: 7/3/13
    I saw a few this year… Jersey Boys and Les Mis were highlights though.
  62. Try at least 1 recipe from each of my Donna Hay subscription magazines – completed: 30/12/13
    There was a lot of cooking in December just to make this happen
  63. Actually go into the Zoo – completed: 20/2/13
  64. Cook a three course meal – completed: 30/12/13
    It helped me cross no. 62 of the list.
  65. Go through my house/lifestyle magazines and cut out or throw out – completed 26/12/13
    All in my dream house kikki.k folder now… or in the bin.
  66. Follow through with Dave’s Christmas present – completed 12/12/13
  67. Visit a country town I haven’t been to before – completed: 12/1/13
  68. Give Dave back his bedside table – completed: 4/2/13
  69. Actually stop picking
    This one is going back on the list for next year because it has to stop.
  70. Stick to a devotional/reading plan the whole way through without missing a day – completed 21/1/13
  71. Be more deliberate with my fruit and veg intake – completed: 31/12/13
    So this wasn’t a very measurable goal… but I am pretty sure I was.
  72. Participate in another table tennis tournament – completed 21/12/13
  73. Tidy up my iTunes library – completed: 31/3/13
  74. Ride my push bike more than once – completed: 14/4/13
  75. Go away for a full weekend – completed: 1/4/13
  76. Get a library card – completed: 20/3/13
  77. Have fish and chips on the beach – completed: 11/3/13
  78. Hear Keith Urban live… again – completed: 2/2/13
  79. Do my chores before Dave does more often than not
    Sorry again Dave…
  80. Go to two different Christmas carols – completed: 8/12/13
    I actually went to probably 5 Christmas carols.
  81. Take Dex to the park – completed: 2/9/13
  82. Have a picnic – completed: 15/12/13
    At a Christmas carols… it was delicious
  83. Eat breakfast outside at least 5 times – completed: 26/9/13
    Mostly while we were camping, so there was no other choice, but it was still lovely… and I should do it more often.
  84. Get the new Star Trek movie on bluray – completed: 3/5/13
  85. Have a milkshake – completed: 5/1/13
  86. Floss once a week
    Sorry Dentists of the world… I am a really bad flosser.
  87. Cook something on the BBQ, by myself – completed: 16/12/13
  88. Eat red meat at least twice a week
    I am really bad at this… I need to lift my game
  89. Use a sewing machine – completed: 22/11/13
    Thanks to Mum on trip down to Mornington
  90. Fly a kite – completed: 6/1/13
  91. Walk along the Inverloch beach to Eagle’s Nest and back – completed: 1/1/13
  92. Pop a cork – completed: 9/11/13
  93. Play a gum leaf – completed: 31/12/13
    I can’t really do it… but I did have a go
  94. Go to 7 open house inspections – completed: 5/10/13
  95. Mow some lawn – completed: 7/4/13
  96. Do some colouring – completed: 3/5/13
  97. Write to our sponsor children – completed: 31/12/13
  98. Try something other than a McChicken or nuggets from McDonalds – completed: 15/4/13
  99. Go to a live sports event – completed: 29/6/13
  100. Drive a bus
    Not this year… maybe next time.

So there you go another year and another list over… 82 out of 100… that’s a high distinction I believe.