The 2014 List

I am a little bit excited about this years list, I feel like the whole idea is taking off… and I like the fact that except for the last couple of months my blog has now made it into its forth year… and just because I really love having a list here is my 2014 list of 100 things that I would like to do/achieve in the coming year.

Once again the list is a mix of things, some of them I have attempted in the past and even blogged about them (my old ‘lists’ can be checked out by clicking the year 2006, 2007, 2012 and 2013), and some of them I have never done or at least haven’t done for a long time.  As always it’s a mixed bag of all things weird, normal and wonderful… Things are always more fun when they are done with someone else, so if you see anything on the list that you might want to try… let me know!

Hopefully as the year goes by I will once again be able to tick them off this not so little list and put a photo or a blog up about it… so here it is… the 2014 list:

  1. Do the 1000 steps
  2. Make a loaf of bread
  3. Use my day off productively
  4. Cook dinner at least once a week
  5. Do mine and Dave’s family trees
  6. Try a green juice
  7. Go to two weddings
  8. Eat something from my veggie garden
  9. Run 5km without walking
  10. Be a more informed consumer
  11. Go 1 week without a sometimes food
  12. Embrace home cooking
  13. Read the New Testament
  14. Stop back dating blogs…. Post it when it happens or not at all
  15. Go Low FODMAP for a week
  16. Do another boot camp
  17. Get a sun reflector for my car
  18. Help someone set up a blog
  19. Review the books I read on amazon
  20. Send one handwritten note of gratitude to someone each month
  21. Complement a stranger everyday for a week (different strangers otherwise it would be creepy)
  22. Break a rule
  23. Swim 50km, not all at once, but over the year
  24. Update my resume (Not because I want a new job but to reflect on my accomplishments)
  25. Walk/Run 300km
  26. Buy a house
  27. Do another fun run
  28. Cuddle a baby less than 6months old
  29. Get a massage
  30. Be Vegan for 24 hours
  31. Go in a sea vessel… Kayak, Canoe, Paddle boat… whatever
  32. Go out in country Victoria for the day
  33. Build a sand castle
  34. Write at least 3 letters to my prayer pal
  35. Play a board game with friends
  36. Enter a colouring competition
  37. Make a cushion
  38. Cook fish
  39. Learn a song on clarinet without Dave’s help
  40. Plant something in the garden
  41. Play Mini golf
  42. Follow through with Dave’s Christmas present again
  43. Take Dex for a play date with Abe or Diesel
  44. Learn a song on the guitar
  45. Go to Costco
  46. Try 1 recipe from each recipe book I own
  47. Take Dex for a walk every week
  48. Work as a teacher
  49. Get some fresh flowers to brighten a room
  50. Hire a bike and ride around the city
  51. Get a fake tan
  52. Go to a pump class
  53. Go to a spin class
  54. Do something truly Melbournian
  55. Make my own advent calendar
  56. Find a train free route to work
  57. Get a timer for our Christmas lights
  58. Go to Bright
  59. Put Pa’s videos on DVD
  60. Try Pilates
  61. Use my new paper diary more effectively
  62. Be better at visiting my grandparents
  63. Go to the cricket
  64. Cook all meals at home for a fortnight (no lazy takeaway or eating out just because)
  65. Go fruit picking
  66. Get awesome Christmas jumpers for Dave and I
  67. Start my Australia camping pictures map
  68. Go camping
  69. Walk across the bridge in Kilcunda
  70. Go to a cemetery
  71. Join a book club
  72. Read 12 books
  73. Try some regular yoga
  74. Do 5 different exercise classes
  75. Do a trail walk/hike
  76. Go a month without playing games on my phone
  77. Put some nets on my veggie patch
  78. Take a photo everyday
  79. Get there and stay there
  80. Have a picnic in the backyard
  81. Swim in the ocean at least 5 times
  82. Actually finish our wedding guest book
  83. Update our displayed photos
  84. Keep my corner clean
  85. Pretend to be a morning person
  86. See the movie Frozen
  87. Exercise 4 times a week
  88. See ‘Saving Mr Banks’ at the movies
  89. Have dinner and go bowling with Dustin and Rachel
  90. Do my chores and pull my weight around the house
  91. Just stop picking
  92. Play Super Mario Bros
  93. Save some of my pocket money each fortnight
  94. Cook something from each of my Donna Hay magazines
  95. Try at least one thing from each of my Women’s Fitness magazines
  96. Do my 2012 and 2013 scrapbooks
  97. Wash my car by myself
  98. Go on a push bike adventure with Dave
  99. Finish going through my cooking magazines and either save them or throw them out
  100. Drive a bus

So there you go… thanks to all the people who helped me put this years list together, sing out if you want to help cross something off, or if you have a list of your own I would love to hear about it.

Here we go!

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