Farewell Orders

Today has been a funny old day, a real mixture of emotions.  Today was our farewell meeting for our current officers, or ministers, at church.   In the salvos this is something that happens fairly regularly, although not always atmy church, my corps.  Somewhere each year this same experience happens, but this is the first time in 5 years that Box Hill has experienced this change, and if I am honest it’s the first time it’s happened since I have been adult enough to really understand what it means.

Last time our officers changed I was 21, but in terms of my church life I was just really getting started, I had been attending for 21 years and I knew my leaders well, but mostly because they were friends with my parents.  5 years ago, I was just about to take on the children’s ministry leadership role and before this, I had done little bits and pieces around the corps but nothing huge.   I was doing my own thing, worrying about how it impacted me, and not really considering the role it played in the bigger picture… or who else it really impacted.

Now 5 years later, I have had lots of different leadership roles and grown up a little.  I have realised that while my officers and leaders are important, I play a role with them, I am also invested, it’s not just their jobs and my jobs, in a church… its our church,

our community and our ministry.  So today was the first time I had to say goodbye to leaders I had worked with, side by side, people who had supported me and helped me to grow in my faith, and in using my skills and talents for the kingdom in way that I could understand and appreciate now as an adult.


The thing is, while this is a sad time, it is also the beginning of something new as we welcome new leaders to our church, to our team, our community and ministry.  And while it is hard to say goodbye, without goodbye there can be no new chapter, this season must come to an end so that the next one can start… and this is an exciting thing, new ideas, fresh vision and a change… but change is hard… and right now I am sitting in the middle… and it feels a little uncomfortable.  But regardless of how I feel, it is going to happen… so I wanted to take a minute to write it all out… share the impact Greg and Priya have had on my life and how much I have valued, their wisdom, support, friendship, love and sacrifice.  They have seen the best and worst of my life, from family rough patches to marrying my prince charming, from finishing my education to moving out of home and starting adult life.  They have been there for it all and I have appreciated their input more than I can express in a simple thank you blog.  I hope that their next chapter is an incredible one, and that God will bless them abundantly.

I am looking forward to the next chapter at Box Hill, I know God still has big things in store and as a wise principle from my high school days drilled into me… it’s not good, it’s not bad… it’s just different.

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