The Date Box

Last year… Well actually I guess it was the year before as it’s January so last year was pretty much last week… The year before last and last year… It’s true for both, I gave Dave a ‘Date Box’ for Christmas… This was an idea I actually found on Pinterest (it appears that’s where all my best ideas come from)… on someone else’s blog and I just thought it was worth mentioning as it has become super special and something nice that we now have, which you can have too… But not with Dave… He is mine… With your own version of Dave :).

20140106-120043.jpgIt was actually something that come out of the fact that I was broke, a little unorganised and it was Christmas, but it turns out it was actually the best gift there ever was. Dave and I, like everyone else in the world are busy and because we both find it difficult to say no, often we find our time together gets shortened or changed into a task for someone or something else. So the Date Box provided an opportunity to change that, even if it was only for a night or an afternoon. So what is the Date Box… Well it’s just that a box of dates (not the edible type). The last year it was 12 envelopes with a date for each month and this year it was a box filled with 12 smaller boxes, one for each month. Each month’s package contains a letter plus or minus some additional information, the letter explains what the date for the month will be… where we are going… what activity we will be doing… what I have organised… and what Dave will need to bring… The reason I love it so much is because it’s just once a month it can be special, it can be grand or simple or all three… As big or as little as needed, but once the envelope is sealed or box is packed the decisions are made… Which is actually the bit I always find the hardest anyway.

Last year our dates looked like this:
Date Box

And on Saturday night Dave and I went on our first date for the year, which was back to the moonlight cinema (Dave loves the movies and this was winner last year), and it was fantastic, I am sure that the moonlight cinema is always fun, but there is something extra nice about having the night as a date. There is no pressure, no other purpose than just to hang out. Just as a side note we saw ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ which was wonderful… Seriously wonderful and it crossed number 88 off the list, I think Tom Hanks was the perfect choice to play Walt Disney… He was just perfect… But that’s a whole bog in itself.  The best bit about the Date Box is that even though I know what’s in there I can’t wait for Dave to open the next one so that we can go on another date…

Anyway, I just thought that seeing as Dave and I loved the date box so much maybe other might too… Maybe give it a go… You never know, it I’ll probably be awesome!

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