The Most Beautiful Garden Party of All Time!

Now you may think the title for this blog is an exaggeration, but it’s not I assure you, in fact it’s probably an understatement if anything. And while I would like to take credit it for it all, unfortunately I can’t, while I contributed opinions and assisted in the set up the creative genius was not mine.

Last Saturday night my fellow bridesmaids and I put on a Hen’s evening for our bride to be.   The evening was designed to be all of the bride’s favourite things in one place, everything from a Mexican feast to an abundance of chocolate to an outdoor movie.  We spent the night outside and after an initial panic that Melbourne was going to continue to be the hottest place in the world, the cool change meant that the weather was perfect.  But the thing that made the evening even better than Mexican food and chocolate (which lets face it, is already a winning combination), was the detail and decoration in the garden it’s self… it was beautiful, and even a little bit magical.

One of my fellow bridesmaids is part of a new business called Petals and Pompoms (you can check out all the incredible things they do via instagram here).  Oh and just as a little side note… Petals and pPompoms are amazing… they just know what a space needs to make it incredible!  Anyway, this combined with another prep teaching bridesmaid (it appears that primary school teachers also seem to have been whacked with the creative stick), and the not so creative, but super practical and a little bit nerdy me were pretty pleased with our efforts.

It turns out the key is fairy lights, bunting and pompoms… who would have thought…  here are some pictures from the night… everything from our outdoor cinema, to the homemade pinata and the delicious feast setting… and I am pretty sure… no 100% sure that this is the most beautiful garden party I have ever been to.