FebFast is Actually Killing Me!

Thanks to Dave I have averted a fundraising disaster… well kind of… At work this month we are getting behind Feb Fast, a fundraiser in which you fast something (see what they did there with the name? clever ey?), it started with alcohol, but now you can choose from alcohol, caffeine, digital or sugar… and for the month of February, as a way to not only raising money for supporting and working with young people with drug and alcohol addiction, but also get back to some better habits that may have lapsed over the Christmas/new year period, you go without.

So… last week I was all geared up to do a digital detox and say goodbye to screen time at 8pm each night in Feb, I had signed up, locked Davo in and while a little nervous about my ability to follow through, was prepared to give it a crack! In fact I had almost convinced myself that I would enjoy it… that it would actually be really good for me… I had even already planned to pay for a pass out on dayone so that I could Instagram Kirsten’s wedding guilt free. I was pretty much ready to go. Well… when I got home last Thursday night, Dave informed me we had made a terrible mistake… A digital fast, no TV, no iPad, no laptop after 8pm… During the Winter Olympics… He was right! We had made a terrible mistake. The Olympics are pretty much sacred TV time, two weeks of minimal sleep, watching sports you’ve never heard of. But sports that if you don’t watch now, you won’t see again for four years… and lets face it, life is not complete with out a four yearly top up of curling… No the Olympics were not negotiable. So seeing as though we had already signed up we needed to think of something else to fast. Being salvos, an alcohol felt like cheating, seeing as we don’t drink anyway… that left sugar and caffeine… both things I am quite attached to.

FebFast-Caffeine-profile-picSo now we have decided to give up caffeine instead… which now that I am a week into, think might actually be harder than a digital detox. I love tea, it is my go to for everything, for relaxing, before bed, in the afternoon, when I am sad, when I am cold, when I am hot (iced tea is also the bomb!) at all times life is better with tea… and if for some strange reason there is no tea, I’ll have diet coke, because I love that too. But now for the rest of the month they are gone… and I think it might be slowly killing me.. there are a few other things off the list also, but I think tea and diet coke are the ones that are hurting. And just like the digital option we have already had to buy a pass out for the wedding… but that’s it… we are in now… a month without a cuppa… but it’s for a good cause… does anyone know where I can buy decaf tea?

Oh and P.S – if you want to sponsor me and donate to the FebFast cause you can do so by clicking this link…

My Best Friend’s Wedding

This is not a blog about the movie just in case you were wondering… or mislead, in fact i’ve never seen the movie… maybe I should, it kinda feels like a classic… I’ll get on that.

This is in fact a blog true to its name, it’s about my best friend’s wedding, which incidentally was yesterday.

It feels a little unreal if I am honest, like I am not really sure it happened, the day was quite a blur, but the 669 photos I took suggest that it did in fact take place.  There were a number of things that made the day extra special, the first was that it the wedding has been a long time coming, they had been together a long time (almost as long as Dave and I) and you kinda just knew it was just a matter of when, not if.  But the other thing that made it extra special was the fact that I got to be there all day with her as one of her bridesmaids.

To date I had never been a bridesmaid, and this wasn’t something that had made me particularly sad, it was just the way it was.  And if I am really honest, I had convinced myself that I probably never would be, and that was ok.  So being asked to be there for Kirsten, as she said I do, is something that I still feel incredibly blessed by.  Even as I am writing this I am finding myself a little emotional, because I feel so privileged and honoured to have been a part of the day, it is something that is so super special.

I had so much fun hanging out with Kirsten and my fellow bridesmaids.  It could not have been better if we tried… everything about the day was wonderful…

Our early morning walk,


Our morning of hair, make up and quick bits to eat,


Their beautiful ceremony,


Photo fun with bridal party,


And the incredible celebration that was the reception.



Everything was just perfect. But the best bit of all is that because of yesterday, my best friend is married to her love and they are starting the next chapter of their lives together.  He has certainly got himself a winner, Kirsten is one of the kindest, most generous, loving, loyal, wise and hilarious people I know.  She is the best of the best, and while I am still not sure how I managed to score her has my person, my life is most certainly better because she has been a part of it.  On the flip side though she is also pretty lucky, Ryan is not only an incredible guy in his own right… he is also my second cousin… which means Kirsten is now part of my larger extended family… which means we are stuck together!  This wedding is win win win!

Kirsten’s wedding also means an end of an era for my little trio of besties.  Kirsten, Pheebs and I have now all entered the realm of married life… we have come a long way from the girls that used to play love percentage games, outline our top 5 guys and dream about love.  We could never have predicted that it would turn out like this… it’s even better then we could have imagined.