Wedding Wonders

Weddings are wonderful, there is no two ways about it… and I love them.  But more than just a regular wedding I love weddings of those I love, weddings I get to share in, support and embrace.  And lucky for me, on Friday I was honoured to share in another wedding of a wonderful friend.

The thing about weddings is while there are a lot of things that remain similar between them, they are always different, coloured by the personalities of the bride and groom and all that makes them and their love for each other unique.  Watching and attending weddings is always special, always a little magical and Friday’s was no exception.  On Friday one of my dearest friends married the love of her life, and I was privileged enough to not only witness their marriage, but stand by Sia as one of her bridesmaids.  I know that in my last wedding post about ‘My Best Friends Wedding’ I talked about the incredible blessing that being a bridesmaid has been and those feelings remain the same.  It was such a special honour to be part of  Sia’s wedding day, before, leading up to it and in the day itself.  And it is something that I will continue to carry on now after the wedding, a responsibility to continue to pray for and cherish their marriage and life together.

Sia and I haven’t been friends for all that long, in fact its less than 3years, but I feel like she has been a friend that was hand picked for me, by God, for just when I needed her.  A friend whose counsel is as Proverbs would say as sweet as perfume and incense (Proverbs 27:9).  She has been such a blessing to my life and I know that our friendship is more than just chance, but something that has been designed for a much greater purpose.  So to be able to share such a significant moment with her and her new husband Ben is something more wonderful than this blog can really do justice.  So just like Kirsten’s wedding I thought it might be easier to just share a few wonderful moments captured through out the day.


Home Sweet Home

So a little while ago now, Dave and I brought a house… ok so in terms of home ownership… it wasn’t that long ago, but it’s long enough that I have had some time to let it sink in.  And it turns out, that even after all this thinking time, I am still not really sure how I feel. It’s a mixture of things to be honest… maybe I am still making up my mind.

There are lots of things I am really excited about… I will get to do some little changes and really make it my own, I will be able to paint, decorate and put my veggie garden actually in the ground.  But mostly I am excited about the fact that it will be ours… and this is something that we have been thinking about, planning and saving for, for a long time.  I have even found my self showing pictures of the new place to anyone who’ll look, like a proud grandparent… I am really excited that it’s all happening… but now that it is I am also super nervous about moving.

It turns out that while I like the idea of change… when it comes to following through… i’m not so good. I would love to think of myself as someone who embraces new things, exciting adventures and tackles the next chapter of life head on… but it’s just not me… in reality I spend a lot of time second guessing my decisions, even when I know I have made the right choice, and becoming a home owner has been no different. I have been struggling to get my head around moving suburbs, finding a new supermarket, a new coffee shop and a comfy new walking track and getting over the fact that where I am now, really feels like the place to be.  The truth is it’s not really that far from where we are now, but it isn’t the same.  As my school would have made me say… “It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just different”. And it’s true… it is just different. It will take a while to feel comfy, to find my spots and get used to traveling from a different place (even though for most things it’ll take the same time). When we move, which is actually still a couple of month off anyway, it’ll just take some time to adjust…

I know that this time next year I will look at this blog, and think about how silly I was to be worrying, but I still need to let it out now.  I think I have really just discovered the truth of the saying that ‘you don’t know what you have, until you lose it’.  And as I start to reflect on where we live at the moment, with my current suburb comforts, filled with convenient commutes to my friends places, an awesome little cafe, green streets and a supermarket a familiar as my own house, I am reminded of how blessed we have been to have had this opportunity. To have been allowed to stay where we have in a neat little home, perfectly located.  It will be hard to say goodbye.

I have to remember though, that a lot of prayer went into our house hunting, and the way things fell into place when we purchased our new home is also a reminder that God listens and he provides, but even more importantly that he knows what is best.  So if we have trusted him to help make the decision, I have to keep trusting now that the decision is done.

So between now and when we move in May, I am sure this state of limbo will continue, being torn between comfortable and new… familiar and exciting… but I know that it will be good… and different… but still good.


It was never the last time


Tonight I am off to see John Farnham in concert with Lionel Richie.  Now before you start going on and on and on about John Farnham and his last time… that is exactly what I am about to talk about, so just stop, take a breath and calm your farm.

I feel like this is something that I have wanted to explain, tried to explain many many many times but usually get cut off, because no one really wants to hear it, no one cares that John Farnham’s ‘Last Time’ tour was in fact a Last time… it just wasn’t the way you all think.  The ‘Last Time’ Tour was the last tour John Farnham did that went Australia wide, regional cities included… and it really was.  Since the ‘Last Time’ I have been to a number of John Farnham concerts… but all of these have been right here in Melbourne… a capital city… and while he may have also done concerts in other states, he didn’t go to Bendigo or Geelong or any other regional cities… why? because he had finished doing that in his ‘Last Time’ tour…  It was the last time… he wasn’t trying to be misleading or annoying… or to become a never ending joke… he was actually doing his last full-scale national tour.  “The Last Time” was the title track of the album he released prior to the tour… and it is still something that he has kept his word on.  So stop asking… or even just commenting… it’s getting old!

Besides just as a side note ‘The Last Time’  was actually a song written and originally performed by Mick Jaggar… but you don’t see him coping the same flack…  despite the fact that he is still going and the song was released in the 1960s.

Anyway… I feel better now that I have let that out and said my piece… I am off to enjoy the concert in peace… and if needed refer any questions or smart comments right here.