I’m 26

I feel like I have missed out on something… Tomorrow I turn 27… Which if you’ve read any of my previous blogs on birthdays will know is something that is bitter sweet… But I feel like I have missed something while I have been 26… I haven’t really said it… I haven’t said ‘I’m 26’… Not because I haven’t been asked how old I am, although that is getting less frequent the older I get… Apparently I must look old enough now that that question is rude… But I digress… The truth is, over the last couple of months when people have asked me, I have said.. “27… oh wait, no I’m not, I’m 26”.  So I feel like I have missed 26… But 26 has been a good year, an incredible year even.  In fact while I was 26 I started a new job, I finished my dip ed, Dave and I brought a house and two of my closest friends, Kirsten and Sia, got married and I got to stand by them as they did it… and thats just some of it!  26 has been great… And just like every other year, I’m not really ready to let it go, we’ll not without saying at least once… “I’m 26 and I like it!”

So what ever tomorrow and the year of 27 holds can wait just one more night… Cause right now… I’m still 26!


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