There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

This song has been on my heart, in my head and on repeat in the car… it’s so simple, but it really says what I am feeling right now… I want more, I want to be more on fire, I want to change the world, I want to love more, I want to give more, I want more of Him and less of me… and I don’t really want it to go any time soon… so it is a continual prayer over my life…

IMG_8284-0Set a fire down in my soul,
That I can’t contain, that I can’t control
I want more of you God
I want more of you God

There’s no place I would rather be,
There’s no place I would rather be
Than here in your love
Here in your love

Set a fire down in my soul,
That I can’t contain, that I can’t control
I want more of you God
I want more of you God

It’s a Gift

I am sorry that I have probably been boring you all with my never ending quest to be a better me.  A quest which appears to be taking up a lot of space while I go on blog after blog after blog, with probably seemingly little change, but I am here to do it again… The thing is, I think even though it might not come through in my words and experiences shared on here, I think things are changing… slower than I would like, but definitely changing.  Over the last 12months or so I have done a lot of contemplating and reflecting, looking at where I am at… In the last 12monthsish I have started a new job and adjusted to a slightly different lifestyle, finished Uni for the second time and moved house.  I have been looking quite broadly at the bigger picture… comparing where I was, to where I am now and then where I want to be, in a whole range of areas, but also taking time to look at the smaller parts that make up me… my spiritual life, my professional life and my physical life… and through all of this I have noticed that there is an element missing… not completely missing, but certainly lacking… in fact… I could do with a heap more.

The thing I think I am missing is some good old self-control… some discipline… and in fact this is something I have been craving for a while.  I can see where it would be helpful in my spiritual life and getting into the word, where I need more when it comes to food, and in my desire to be better at super regular exercise and also in how I approach tasks at work.  The exciting thing about self-discipline or self-control though, is, it isn’t something that I have to produce myself, in fact I don’t think I could work for it even if I tried.  Let me explain…

As I have been reading and learning more and more in my spiritual life, I have realised over and over again how where I am at in my walk with Christ impacts all the other parts of my life.  To some this may sound pretty obvious I know, but while I have always known they were connected, this bit is fresh for me.  This morning I as I walked from the car park to work I had a little revelation… (that walk is only two minutes tops, so I am guessing it was a planted idea rather than something I came up with alone).  It dawned on that what I needed more of was self-control… not time, money, effort, but discipline… but that self-control is also a fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).  It is something that should grow as I grow in Christ… so as I am deliberate about my time with Him my ability to practice self-control should also grow… But it doesn’t just stop there, in 2 Timothy 1:7 it says that we have not been given a spirit of timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline… it’s a gift that I just need to claim.

This need or hunger to have discipline and self control in my life is God given.  The best bit is though, that God doesn’t see my life in parts like I do, he doesn’t separate my spiritual life from my work or everyday living, from my exercise or my eating, he just sees me… and all that it entails, my spiritual life should be blended in with everything else, so then should this gift of self-discipline and the fruit of self-control.  I can claim these for all things in my life.  As I put him first, I can pray that these fruits will grow and I can claim this gift…  I can see them work not only in my desire for learning more about Him, but also in making wise decisions about what I put in my mouth, getting into a regular exercise routine and into practicing what I preach as a dietitian.  It’s actually really cool… self-control and self-discipline here I come.

Dwell in this house

So we have now been in the new place just over 2 months and the good news is it is starting to feel like home.  Really like home, we have done a few things already, brought new couches and an epic desk (pictures to come when my cushions arrive and I can post a picture).  We have been for a couple of walks, found a supermarket that I like and started our hunt for the perfect café.  I have survived some nights here without Davo while he was away doing incredible things in Mexico and America and probably most importantly, I have stopped crying about not living in our old neighbourhood.

But there is something really exciting that has happened since we moved, and it might just be a timing thing… but you know what, I actually think the timing is just that is part of it too.  Since moving, we are now closer to Dave’s school, in fact the Monday after we moved we had an after party at the house for a school production, so on my first night coming to the new house from work, I was welcomed by 25 kids enjoying our new place… which was a little overwhelming, but actually just what I needed.  It really started the house warming process, which before that point, I thought was just a good excuse to get nice things, but there really is something to having people in your house… they do bring warmth and life and love and start the house to home process.   Anyway, that’s not the exciting bit, it’s all linked though I promise…

So not long after that Dave went on his mission trip with school to Mexico and had some incredible Holy Spirit encounters… God’s kingdom came to earth, the blind saw, the lame walked, the sick were healed and people were saved, it doesn’t get much better than that.  But while Dave was having this incredible time overseas with the same group from the house warming after party, I was also growing in my faith, getting a refreshing so to speak, a new love of worship, church, the word and most importantly Jesus… and I think it has a lot to do with God’s provision and blessing.  Nothing we get from God is deserved, and neither is this, but a little while ago I wrote a blog about moving and how nervous I was about the whole process, in the blog I made a comment that went something like this…

“I have to remember though, that a lot of prayer went into our house hunting, and the way things fell into place when we purchased our new home is also a reminder that God listens and he provides, but even more importantly that he knows what is best.  So if we have trusted him to help make the decision, I have to keep trusting now that the decision is done.”

It was kind of a throw away line, a ‘yeah yeah yeah, God knows best” in my heart, but I know now that this has absolutely been true.  He has provided us with a house and a close community with who we can share true fellowship, he has blessed our home and we have both grown so much since moving here.  I know it may not have anything to do with the actual house, and maybe all of this would have still happened while we were living at our old place.  But I really feel like the new house has brought a new season to our lives, a really exciting one.  I am sure it will have it’s challenges, but I am just overflowing with excitement about what God has in store for us now… in our next chapter… at the new house…  I am really praying that the house will just ooze love and that it will be a place of blessing, where God can do whatever he wants… I know this might seem like a crazy back-flip, but thats the thing about God things… they are unexpected and often involve transformation…