What do you do when your best friend moves to London?

What do you do when your best friend tells you she is moving to London? Well first you squeal and become super excited… and then you cry… Although you try not to let her know, coz you are equal parts crazy excited/extremely jealous of her big adventure and completely devastated that life as you’ve known it got the last 19 years is about to change… But then when you’ve pulled yourself together… You go on much smaller adventure with her and your other best mates and you cross things off your list… ‘Cause that always makes things better… well it works for me anyway.

Weekends away with these ladies are becoming an almost annual tradition, and just getting out of town was enough to cross no. 12 off the list. To date though these weekends have all coincided with a large life event happening for one of us… so far there has been 2 wedding weekends and this one… which was our last road trip together before one of us goes on an even larger road trip for much longer.


The weekend included all the good girls weekends away essentials… manicures, movies, chocolate and cheese… and it also made me remember why I love these friends so so much.  There is nothing better than actually being able to be yourself while you are away… these girls have seen me at my best and at my worst so there is actually no point pretending in between and it is an easy trip, no pretense, no expectations, just the four of us, The Mindy Project and some freezing cold weather (we did try and include Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt too, but much to my surprise… it didn’t fly!  Who doesn’t love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?).    And while it might be a decent amount of time before the four of us are able to hang out in the same place at the same time together for a whole weekend, it was nice to have done it now.   Oh and we also ventured down in the rain to the local farmers market and crossed no. 93 off the list as well.


There are still a number of weeks before she actually leaves, and I am sure there will be more excitement and probably many more tears, but I also know that the distance won’t actually change anything.  We are like a small gang, our book club even has it’s own set of membership rules and I am 100% convinced that the 17,000kms that will soon be between us, won’t actually feel that far.  The miracle of the internet is something I am thanking the Lord for daily… and I am also praying that her next company has more wisdom and just gives her an iPhone and not another blackberry, FaceTime is the bomb.  It also gives me a really good reason to keep pushing my “I need to go to Europe” holiday with Dave… because now I have a legit reason.

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