Family Feud Champions

This weekend I have been reminded just how good my family is… It’s really good.  Of course, it’s not perfect, most aren’t and even though there are a number of things that I have wished were different about my family… at the moment I am pretty happy with where things are at. I have been super blessed to grow up with lots of extended family around, especially my grandparents and I am overwhelmed by how much they love me.

As part of the ‘Fun Fest’ weekend this weekend… (it used to be the YP Anniversary for all those salvo die-hards reading this) I was asked to put together a team for a Family Feud night… and we had to dress up.  This is a combo I couldn’t resist… seriously… costumes and game shows… bring it on.  Our team was my Pa, two cousins, one brother and myself… and our costume… ‘Despicable Me’ inspired!  And this is how we looked…


Pretty impressive home-made minion costumes if you ask me and who could have pulled off a better Gru?  But the best bit… apart from the fact that we won the night, was Pa.  Pa had never seen Family Feud before he was asked to join our team… so he spent all week watching it, just so he would know what to do!  That man is a winner and a half!

Oh and these costumes mean that I have now successfully crossed number no. 51 off the list!