Hello November… you got here quick!

So this has been my thinking this week…. Oh crap it’s November… things are already really busy, but it is about to get worse… Christmas is coming… how on earth will we get everything we need to get done in the next month and a bit… everything please slow down… please slow down… please please please slow down.  Because despite what the Christmas tree in my living room might lead you to believe, I am not ready for Christmas or the end of the year.  I just don’t want to be surprise attacked by Christmas and I feel that if I don’t go through my regular Christmas time frame… that is exactly what will happen… so the tree is up and it looks nice, but I am still not ready… so rather than remove things from my life (which would be a more logical response) I thought I would add one more thing in… just for November…

I have seen a few bloggers and instagramers doing this too… so it is probably a thing… and now that I am typing… which is pretty much thinking out loud… it’s probably an American thing because it is Thanksgiving this month… but I am jumping on the thankfulness band wagon.  It’s not a new concept, in fact I’ve actually tried to do this on this very blog previously but for some reason I didn’t follow through… but it gives me a chance to actually stop daily… but for the sake of the blog lets say weekly and reflect and be thankful on how blessed I actually am, because even when I am having a ‘bad’ week… life is still way grander than I deserve.

So my plan is to make more of an effort to be thankful everyday and then once a week write it down… whatever it looks like… so… As this is the first week of November here I am sharing what I am thankful for…  (just as a side note I think next week I will do this on Thursday to take full advantage of the “Thankful Thursday” alliteration… coz alliteration is the bomb.)   Anyway… here is what I have been thankful for so far in November:

Nov 1:  Country Vic – it’s actually always more beautiful than I remember… seriously and this time was no different, even as we drove through a giant storm.

Nov 2:  Understanding Husbands – I have been pretty sick this past week and Dave has been pretty flipping amazing, cooking, cleaning and generally just looking after me with no complaints even when I am crying my eyes out, thanks Davo.

Nov 3:  Family and Christmas – Even though it’s the beginning of November traditionally this is the day the tree goes up… and up it did go, as did the tree at Dad’s place complete with a Mexican feast prepared by my bro and his girlfriend.  I am truly thankful for my family and that Christmas is a good reason to meet with them.

Nov 4:  Whatsapp – this week whatsapp has been my second saviour (Jesus still being the first).  Keeping me connected when distance, time zones and tummy bugs want to keep me away.

Nov 5:  New friends, Fonda and Fro-yo – what an epic and fun combo, plus Melbourne’s crazy weather passed which also meant a quick walk after work and a balmy and wonderful Thursday evening out.

Nov 6:  Writing – I know it sounds lame but I am thankful that I have stopped to do this… It’s made me feel much better about my week which was already feeling good compared to the last one anyway… hopefully this trend continues!

It’s good to be thankful.