I am not really sure what these blogs are going to look like over the next little while, but I really wanted some way to document this incredible trip that Dave and I have somehow managed to pull off.

A trip to Europe has been on my list of ‘must dos’ for a number of years now, and here we are… actually traveling around Europe.  I think perhaps the best way to document our adventures would be to document the things that I learn in the different places that we go… and (spoiler alert) post about the things I cross of the 2016 list.  I apologise in advance if these get a little boring, or too much… but it is what it is, and it will probably be a very long time before we do anything like this again.

So here we are in Rome, Italy, stop number 1.  Not only has Dave managed to navigate us from Rome international airport to our hotel on public transport, he has also successfully delivered us to our new bus load of friends who we will spend the next 21days with.

Rome is magnificent!  Every where I look there is something interesting and beautiful.  Before we met up with the tour Dave and I walked and walked and walked, just taking everything in. We found some pretty neat things… you know the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain… nothing that exciting… just kidding it’s flipping awesome. Once we caught up with our 48 new friends we walked some more… well a lot more and saw some more pretty amazing things… the Spanish Steps, the inside of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon and The Vatican – including the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Square and Basilica.  We also ate a lot of delicious food, pizza, pasta, gelato… so much good food, after all.. when in Rome!