Dear Valentines Day Haters

Dear Valentines Day Haters,

I get it, I really do… But I think you are wrong. I know that it is an invented holiday, and that it can be expensive. That it can be cheesy, and that it can pressure people into meeting a worldly status quo, buying exorbitant gifts of teddies and heart shaped chocolates to say something or express feelings that they should be able to be express any day of the week. That the love celebrated on Valentine’s Day is the same the day before and the day after… And that we should celebrate love everyday. I get it. And to all of that, I agree, but here is the thing… We live in a world where bad things happen all the time, where people hold in their feelings and don’t tell those they love, that they love them. Where we take each other for granted and sometimes life just gets in the way of quality time, or celebrating life together.

Sometimes we need permission to stop and just have some time with the people that we love… Sure you can do this any day of the week, but we don’t… But today on Valentine’s we have an excuse to stop, to reflect, to be generous and to love those we love. I love Valentine’s Day… I don’t get or buy heart shaped chocolates, but I do stop to go out or do something special and I don’t feel guilty about all the things I need to do at home, or that we are wasting money… Because it’s Valentine’s Day and that’s what you do. I have a great reason to put into words how I feel about my husband and to stop and tell him. Even though I tell him everyday, I make a point to tell him today… And even though it is a silly holiday… I like it… And it’s not going away… So why not embrace it… And love those you love. You don’t have to buy into the commercial side of it… But you can take a minute and hug those you care about… Because the love is the good bit… It’s what we need more of… It’s how we be Christ to each other…

One thought on “Dear Valentines Day Haters

  1. Oh my goodness Em I just want to give you a big high five!!! If we had more days like Valentines Day the world would be a much better place. We need to love each other and show that love in some way or other to the people we care about. It’s a great day to show someone love regardless of whether we are in a relationship or not. I love what you’ve written, you go girl!!! Love you!

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