A Little Curious… George

Well it’s been a while since I have updated my blog… I have started a few times, but never finished.  But there is a reason…

Have you ever realised something a moment after everyone else? Listened to your words in slow motion as your brain worked it out and started to panic first?  I have…

For the last couple of months I have been more tired than I thought was possible…  I have been eating some pretty random foods, lots which I haven’t wanted in years, mostly from the carb family… while avoiding all day nausea… and I have been keeping a pretty big secret…

We’re having a baby!IMG_6356

Yep, you read that right… we’re having a baby.  February next year there will be a small Curious George bouncing around and it is still sinking in…  This is actually happening… right now…

At the moment I am 14 weeks… well almost 15… and I am starting to feel better, still tired and I have things that ache that I didn’t know I had, but I am good.  I am starting to eat better again which is also good for both me and the little person currently taking up residence in my womb… (Who would have thought I would ever use the word womb)… although I did enjoy the Pop-tarts that crept back into my diet over the past 10ish weeks and kept me going.

This has all happened a lot faster than Dave and I thought it would, even though we have talked about babies for a couple of years and had agreed that once we got back from Europe we would consider it more seriously… neither of us thought it would be happening this fast.  Don’t get me wrong, we are very excited, but also a little in shock.  Well I am in shock… Dave is buying booties and other baby paraphernalia with the groceries each week.  The truth is I just thought it would take longer… and I was just really under prepared for it to happen so fast.  So much so, that I went to see the doctor with all the basic pregnancy symptoms and it wasn’t until I was telling the doctor aloud that I realised what was happening… I could hear my voice speaking words, and my as my brain put it all together the penny dropped just as my doctor looked a little bemused… and here we are 10 weeks later and part of me is still trying to get my head around it… What it means for us as a family… what we need to do… and where to start on the list of things the internet tells me we will need…

For the last 10ish weeks it has been a little secret between Dave and I.  We have been quickly and secretly googling random foods and ingredients for listeria risk as they are served to us at the dinner table and lying through our teeth when people ask us what we have been up to… “not much” is probably accurate, but still a little misleading.

Sharing our secret with everyone now is making it seem even more real, very quickly. And as I have started to process it all, I have decided that it is equal parts exciting and terrifying. There is so much unknown ahead and lots and lots of questions… here are a some of this weeks concerns…

  • Will I still be able to be the vice caption of the Mixed Nuts Netball team if I am sided for a while?
  • How late is too late to fly when you’re pregnant?
  • If I don’t go to Jamaica in December… will I ever get to go?
  • How quickly can an air conditioner be installed?
  • How will I survive a summer without a 50¢ cone?
  • How soon is too soon to want maternity clothes?
  • Have I always been this good at lying?
  • Do the lies we have told, as Todd Flanders suggested, ‘make baby Jesus cry’?

This is without a doubt the biggest adventure we have attempted yet, bigger than Castlemaine, bigger than getting married and bigger than seeing the world… but I think it might just be the best one yet!


3 thoughts on “A Little Curious… George

  1. Loved reading this! So very excited for you both!! Can’t wait to be a Nana!!!! What an amazing adventure you’re going to have!!! Love you sooooo much!!!

  2. Loved reading this! Oh my goodness, so very pleased for you both! Can’t wait to be a Nana! What an adventure you’re on! Love you sooooo much!

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