Five Minute Friday: Purpose

YAY!!!  It’s Friday which means it’s also Five minute Friday time!  If you have no idea what than means… well firstly welcome to my blog… and secondly you can read about it with the hyperlink above… or you can read my last one here

Today’s prompt is Purpose… and I have 5 minutes to write about it… no guidelines, no pressure (other than the clock…) but just a reason to post something… hope you get as much enjoyment out of what I write as I do writing it.


I really like when God is super obvious and everything just lines up… all the prompts, all the teaching and all the songs… that has been my experience this week and I shouldn’t have been that surprised when I saw what today’s prompt was… because this word has been one of the key themes of my week this week… I have used other words for it like… intentional, deliberate, goal and plan… But really they are all the same.

This week I have been super challenged to do two things… 1. Give all of my plans over to God, because even if mine are good… His will be better and 2. I need to live with purpose.  I need to be an intentional kingdom bringer and I need to seek him deliberately.

These aren’t new concepts to me by any stretch, but they are the ones that I constantly need reminding of.  I often try and do it all my self, I think I know best and often think that if my plans and purpose are good (according to me and often the Word) then I am set… but my good isn’t always God’s.  His calling and purpose are far greater than I will probably ever understand… but that’s what I need to seek and I need to do it with purpose.  I need to be intentional, even when it is hard and my good plans aren’t the course my life seems to be taking.

I need to pursue my purpose with purpose.  I am called to be set apart, I am called to bring the kingdom and above all I am called to love, because he first loved me.

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