Hello 2018, it’s time for your list

Oh Hello 2018, it’s nice to meet you!  I have big plans for you.

This year is going to be a great year for team George, a year of love, fun and family.  A year that is hopefully hospital admission free and a chance for us to find our feet as a family of 3.  But it wouldn’t be complete without a new list and… this year’s list has a good feeling about it, just like last years.  Although unlike last year I am not planning on getting pregnant so that will hopefully mean there is a good chance I will actually be able to cross everything off.

This year’s list is list no. 10… 10… taking my list items attempted up to 1000…  What a crazy thought. (Like always you can check out all the old lists by clicking the year they were attempted here: 2006, 20072010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.) This years list has a few self improvement tasks, some fun tasks, some things I just have to do and lots of baby friendly things… because that is our life now… which is great… but very very foreign.  But mostly 2018’s list feels like an achievable list.

Excitingly, this year Isaac has a list of his very own… because a family that lists together, stays together!  Plus I thought it might be a fun way to document some of his achievements and some of the fun we get up to.  His list only has 25 things on it… because he is only little and he needs help with everything… including his list.

Once again I am also hoping (like every other year) that 2018 will be the year that I get more consistent with blogging, about both of our lists and life in general.  I have a few things planned to help make it happen, but we will see.  Anyway… here are the lists….

My list:

  1. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet
  2. Learn how to make 3 different balloon animals
  3. Watch the never ending story
  4. Watch some ER… maybe a season or two
  5. Spend a weekend in country vic
  6. Have some family photos taken
  7. Go to a wedding
  8. Get a full nights sleep
  9. Go down to Inverloch
  10. Go camping
  11. Remember to take Isaac’s milestone pictures
  12. Get back to running
  13. Take Isaac to parkrun at least 5times
  14. Go swimming
  15. Go to the zoo
  16. Have a play date
  17. Check out a mums and bubs session
  18. Check out the local library
  19. Have a picnic
  20. Wear some non maternity jeans
  21. Go without games on my phone for at least 2 months
  22. Work on my mornings
  23. Cook dinner regularly
  24. Keep getting closer
  25. Work on my steps game
  26. Embrace life with the oxygen
  27. Try weekly blogging
  28. Keep the family in good supply of Isaac updates
  29. Have a date night once a month
  30. Give Dave some time back
  31. Embrace my independence
  32. Go without TV for a week
  33. Actually wash my car regularly
  34. Get the blue Kia repaired
  35. Take Dex and Isaac on a walk, solo
  36. Walk to my MCH appointments
  37. Thank the hospital
  38. Do a fun run/walk
  39. Play a game of some kind
  40. Let something go
  41. Remember Joshua
  42. Celebrate the small things
  43. Live oxygen free
  44. Walk and have a mid week brunch date with Isaac at half half
  45. Join a mother’s group
  46. Drink a bottle of water everyday
  47. Keep track of the things I am supposed to be doing
  48. Plan at night
  49. Take a photo everyday
  50. Visit a museum / gallery
  51. Sort out my photo storage
  52. Scan the photos in
  53. Recycle the VHS tapes
  54. Read 6 books – novels… not picture books
  55. Cross at least one thing off the list each month
  56. Be deliberate about filling the house with good thinks like flowers and music
  57. Edit and finalise Isaac’s logs and maybe publish them
  58. Make a photo book of Isaac’s 1st year
  59. Return of the fit pig
  60. Through things out / recycle / donate
  61. Clean out the garage
  62. Finish the scrap books
  63. Finish Isaac’s room
  64. Wear a real bra
  65. Figure out how to be a working mum
  66. Go somewhere with out Isaac – embrace the baby sitter
  67. Make a cake for Isaac’s first birthday
  68. Go overseas
  69. Make a Lolly cake
  70. Keep the pantry and fridge under control
  71. Watch a Disney movie with Isaac
  72. Add Isaac’s pendant to my necklace
  73. Organise the casts we had done for Isaac
  74. Use the go-pro more
  75. Make my language child friendly
  76. Check out ArtVo
  77. Finish the bible reading plan I started last year
  78. Exercise weekly… hopefully more, but at least weekly
  79. Make a key lime pie
  80. Purée some food
  81. Have a spend nothing day once a month
  82. Make the most of our delivery saver
  83. Get a mani/pedi and get a colour you’ve never had before
  84. Get a massage
  85. Do a Mums and bubs exercise class
  86. Get some kind of routine
  87. Contribute
  88. Hang up the pump
  89. Update some photo wall photos
  90. Get the pictures framed
  91. Hang out with my besties
  92. See Coco
  93. Have a meal with all of our parents and siblings (separately)
  94. Have an ice coffee at 3 different places
  95. Touch the ocean
  96. Have a fun fight
  97. Fix my computer
  98. Wear something other than a black T-shirt for a whole week
  99. Keep our bedroom tidy
  100. Save some money

Isaac’s List:

  1. Try some food
  2. Ditch my oxygen
  3. Sit up by myself
  4. Suck on my toes
  5. Go to the park
  6. Pat Dex
  7. Have a party
  8. Visit my friends at Monash Children’s
  9. Go on a fun run/Walk in my pram
  10. Get around on my own
  11. Go for a swim
  12. Try story time at the library
  13. Make some baby friends
  14. Go on an adventure with Dad
  15. Sleep through the night
  16. Get some teeth
  17. Watch a Disney movie with Mum
  18. Have brunch with my ladies
  19. Go to the beach
  20. Learn a word
  21. Cuddle all of my grandparents and great grandparents
  22. Make a keepsake
  23. Go on a plane
  24. Try my jolly jumper
  25. Grow

Ok… there it is… if you need us, we will be listing.

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