List Update Part 3… The Winter Edition

Ok, so this is where things usually slow down a little… but I feel like having ‘cross two things off every month’ on the list itself, as really helped keep it in the forefront of my mind… so unlike most years this winter we have continued to power through the list…


In June we were able to cross 3 things off the list. With a long weekend and the school holidays starting in June we got the perfect opportunity to cross some things off the list. We had our weekend away down at the beach house (no. 6 completed 10/06) as well as a few extra days down there at the end of the month. During our second trip I finally got of my bike for the first time in years which meant we could cross no. 82, Go on a Family Bike ride off the list (completed 27/06). For Christmas last year Isaac was given a fancy bike seat which we finally got to use, and it was super cute. He loves being on the bike with Dave. I have a love hate relationship with cycling. It’s something that I wish I was good at, because I loved riding as a child, but as an adult… not so much… I have tried different seats and different set ups and part of me is convinced that it’s my bike… but that sounds like an excuse. All I know is when we rode around Rottnest Island a few weeks later my experience was much much better, the riding bit was fun… the sore butt for days after not so much, but I rode without too much hassle… so it must be my bike right?

Oh and I finally got another haircut (no. 70 completed 18/06) and it was good… the cut the colour, it was nice to have fresh hair… I should book in another hair cut.


July was about baking and home life… I attempted to cook some banana bread with Isaac for Dave’s birthday as a fun toddler activity…. he did not enjoy sharing the bananas with the cake mix… so it was not as successful as I had hoped but the banana bread turned out pretty good despite the addition of tears (no. 95 completed 18/07). I also baked some meringues (no. 28 completed 31/07) for Isaac’s 2nd birthday party and they were delicious… I LOVE meringues… and I am not sure why I don’t make them more often…. they are always a good choice.

Isaac and I watched frozen together, his first full Disney movie… not our first attempt, but the first one he actually sat through… it’s amazing what being allowed to stay up because you have been refusing to sleep and your parents have finally given in can do… well buddy this was more of a win win than you will ever know. Not only did it cross no. 1 off the list, but it I also loved it (completed 13/07).

The last things I crossed off list this month was no. 13 let things heal. I am a picker which means I don’t leave things alone and they take a long time to heal… if I just left things alone they would be gone in days… but no… I make them stay… but not this year… I have been letting things heal… (completed 14/07)

In total we crossed another 4 things off the list… its been a good listing year so far.


We finished our winter listing efforts strongly with another 4 things crossed of the list. Just in time for Isaac’s birthday party I crossed no. 52 off the list updating some of the pictures on our photo wall (completed 01/08). The photo wall has been such a fun was to help Isaac learn about our big blended family nand it’s a nice and constant reminder of our support network, both near and far.

Also for Isaac’s birthday party I purchased a new jumper, and it was bright green… not a colour I would usually wear. Being a Melbournian, my colours of choice are dark at best and mostly black… so bright green felt outrageous at the time, but it fit the dinosaur theme and it turns out I love it… this combined with my new fun earring collection… I’m no longer wearing just coloured earrings, but rotating through a supply of fun Australian bird earrings… the bird thing is getting serious… well and truly crosses no. 39 ‘buy an item of clothing that you really love but isn’t like anything you would usually wear’ off the list (completed 02/08). I am not sure if I am just morphing into my dad and express his love of bright colours in bright earrings, or if I am just getting more comfortable with who I am and what I look like and caring less about others opinions… but I am really enjoying expressing a little more of my personality in what I wear… it’s fun and even if no one else likes them, it brings me joy each time I remember, or catch a glimpse of what I am wearing… it’s a much nicer way to live than constantly pulling and primping and worrying about things.

August was also a month of trying new things… well kind of… I am sure I have tried more than 3 different restaurants this year, but I remembered it was on my list in August, which just so happened to coincide with a dinner with besties, so I took the opportunity to cross no 38 try 3 new restaurants off (completed 09/08). We also visited our third new playground this month so no. 42 was also crossed off the list (completed 17/08). Playground hunting has become a fun past time this year, Isaac loves being outside and he loves the park, so finding a good park is always a win… Of the ones we tried for the list two of the parks were brand new and only recently opened which made it even more exciting for all of us.

So there you go… that was winter… not a bad effort really for the colder months… 11 things crossed off the list… there is still a lot left though, so spring could be huge!

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