Tea Time with Em – Dec 14-18

So it’s been a BUSY couple of days… but really no one cares because it’s Christmas time and let’s face it these reviews aren’t really mind-blowing… so you probably haven’t missed them all that much… so rather than do 5 separate posts, I thought I would just pop them all in this post together…

Day 14:

Tea: Chai
Initial Reaction: I had forgotten about Chai tea… this could be fun…   
Brew Time: 4 mins 
Enjoyed with: Milk and honey… probably a bit too much milk… it come out quicker than I thought it would…  
Flavour: Spicy and sweet… although honey will do that.  It’s actually quite nice… nicer than I had expected… although I think my expectations were fairly low… it’s always the cinnamon… 
Score: 7/10

Bonus review from Dave: Ummmm… it’s sweet… but it tastes exactly like I thought it would… 8/10

Day 15:

Tea: Spellbound Cider
Initial Reaction: I do love cider… but in tea form? I guess we will find out.  Brew Time: 3 mins 
Enjoyed with: Just water… but by the time I got to it mine was cold… that’s what you get when you’re busy… 
Flavour: Sweet… and cider my… I think it might have even been better cold… I am really realising that I am not a fruit tea person… but it wasn’t terrible… either my expectations for fruit tea are getting lower or I am learning to appreciate them better. 
Score: 6/10

Bonus review from Dave: It tasted like someone left the appletiser out at Christmas… 6/10

Day 16:

Tea: French Earl Grey
Initial Reaction: Oh I don’t mind an early grey… excellent… and this one is French 
Brew Time: 3 mins 
Enjoyed with: Milk and sugar… it’s how I’ve always had my earl grey… despite it telling me it will be fine by itself… lies…
Flavour: This one was super fruity… and sweet… but the sweetness was probably my fault… as far as earl grey’s go it was pretty tasty 
Score: 7/10

Day 17:

Tea: Jade Mountain 
Initial Reaction: sounds exotic… green tea and chocolate what an odd combination 
Brew Time: 3 mins 
Enjoyed with: Nothing… there is already enough going on here
Flavour: look if I haven’t already said it… I should… I’m not sure chocolate and tea mix in the tea… chocolate is an on the side thing of its own… and tea should be left tea… I taste the cocoa, I taste the praline… I taste the green tea and separately sure… but hot and together not so much
Score: 4/10

Bonus review from Dave: A bold choice to put chocolate and green tea together but admits the confusion, not a bad drop… 7/10

Day 18:

Tea: Strawberries and Cream
Initial Reaction: I think someone gave me some of this once… maybe… I’m actually not sure… we’ll now is as good a time as ever to try it again… or for the first time… 
Brew Time: 3 mins 
Enjoyed with: Just water  
Flavour: Not as sweet as I was expecting which was a pleasant surprise… I mean it’s sweet, but not overwhelmingly so like some of the other teas I have tried from the calendar… would I rush out and buy it, probably not, but if they had it in-store as a taster would I have some… sure 
Score: 6/10

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