Today feels like a bit of restart to the year… never mind that it’s October and we are still in stage 4 lockdown here in Melbourne… it does have some freshness about it.

I’m not sure what makes it feel like this exactly… it could be the summerish weather tricking my brain to thinking we are back in February again… or it could be that after years my laptop is up to date and my ‘iPhoto’ library is empty and I’m finally ready to start focusing on backing up the photos that have lived in the cloud for the since 2018… It’s a long overdue project and getting to this point has been a tough slog, but I have finally hit a milestone which means today I am starting the next phase… Or perhaps it’s simply that Dave headed back to school this morning which meant that Isaac and I have our first full day together since March and it feels as close to normal as it has in months. I’m really not sure… but it’s nice… and I hope this feeling lasts because it’s such a pleasant change from the way things have been feeling.

When I wrote the Autumn list update I mentioned how much I secretly loved the first lockdown… this cannot be said for this second round… this time it has been much harder… I am not really desperate to do I anything… I just want the option of choice… I understand why we are still here because I am a rule follower through and through, here I will stay… in fact if I am honest I am happyish to stay here as long as we need to, but it’s heavy this time. It’s also hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel, but I know it’s there and that as the saying goes ‘this too shall pass’. And I know that it will, eventually… but until it does I’m going to hold on to days like today that feel a bit lighter and just enjoy them.

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