New Zealand… The Land of the List!

I am currently sitting in Sydney airport waiting for my flight to Melbourne trying to work out two things… 1. How to recap all the amazing things we have seen, done and experienced while we’ve been away and 2. How to overcome this sinking feeling that life starts again tomorrow… Reality is about to smack […]

The Last of the 2019 List

Ok… so I started writing this last year… and then Christmas, holidays, summer… you know the drill… but I didn’t want to not post it so here is the last bit of the 2019 list… it’s the last hoorah of November and December, and the bits that just didn’t happen… it’s probably going to be […]

Isaac’s 2018 List

Isaac’s List Wrap Up How did Isaac go with his list I hear you ask… well lets take a look: Try some food – completed: 16/02/2018 Ditch my oxygen – completed: 24/12/2018 Isaac was also the beneficiary of our Christmas miracle… although he really ditched his oxygen in october, we couldn’t make it official until […]


The Wrap Up So, we’ve made it to the end of the year… how exactly I am not really sure, but here we are… and I’m calling it… I tried no. 27 and it just didn’t working for me… not at all, and despite my best plans, it is highly likely that I am not […]