It’s A Disney Thing Again

Day 17: Couples you love

Again today I find myself in a very nice situation but difficult situation, you see my life is filled with couples I love, so instead of singling out one or a couple and leaving out the others I thought I would share with you my top 5 Disney couples, which I think is fitting as today is my 100th blog, so what better way to celebrate another milestone than with more Disney… so with out further ado here they are:

1. Belle and the beast
What’s more romantic than love that overcomes as much as these two have.  Love that finds beauty in unexpected places… it’s just beautiful… and the ball room…
what more could you want?

2. Ariel and Eric
Wow, prince Eric…. wow… and Ariel… wow, I am pretty sure nothing more needs to be said.

3. Aladdin and Jasmine
A whole new world…. the original wills and Kate, kinda.. ok not really, but its the closest we have…

4. Ellie & Carl
These guys are beautiful, maybe even my favourite, they have a love that stands the test of time and it’s magic, no tricks, no drama, just love and happy life together.

5. Mickey and Minnie
They have stood the test of time like no other, the fight, the yell, the sing, the dance and most of all they love…

It’s not my fault… My parents did it…

Day 12: A Place that you love

As I looked around my kitchen last night I realised something… something that most of you probably already knew… I am actually obsessed with all things Disney… seriously obsessed… if it was a drug I would need rehab.

Now I know this isn’t a shock to most of you, but believe it or not it is a little shocking to me.  You see I have always loved Disney, in fact I have always considered myself a pretty hardcore fan of Disney… but I would never put my self in the obsessed category, but I think that’s where I belong.  My love for Disney isn’t something that I have ever tried to hide, but something that I thought might have lessened as I got older… but no, I am now 24, I have my own family, my own stuff, and my own house to put it all in (well kinda), and there is Disney everywhere… some of it wasn’t even done on purpose, like the fact that my favourite teapot, mugs and bowls are red and white polka dots, which while it seemed harmless at the time, is a perfect match for my Minnie mouse apron…

Anyway, since I have been thinking about this I have come to realise that maybe it’s not completely my fault.  Perhaps I didn’t actually bring this on myself, perhaps I can blame someone else…

This is me as an infant….

and here is me becoming a teenager… turning 13…

Here is me in 2007… while I was at uni… establishing the adult me…

and here is me on my honeymoon… starting the next chapter of my life with Dave and our new little family of us…

Seeing anything familar?  Yep… all of these significant events coincided with a trip to my favourite destination in the whole wide world… Disneyworld… I didn’t have a chance… I was always going to be obsessed and unfortunatly I don’t think it will ever change (mostly because I don’t really want it too).  So I guess what I am getting at besides the fact that I love disney… is that its not my fault… my parents did this too me… need more proof?  well here it is…

I had no chance, it was always going to happen, but if I am really honest, I wouldn’t have it anyother way, because who wouldn’t want share all these significant events with poeple you love in the happiest place on earth?

2011 – Through the eyes of my iPhone

I feel l like all week I have been reminiscing and I guess it’s the right time of year to do for it, I mean with all the family times over Christmas and with the new looming around the corner, I think it’s a good idea to look back over all that has happened this year.

This year has been full on, part of me feels like it was only yesterday that I was reminiscing on all that had happened in 2010, yet another part of me feels like I have been married forever… It’s hard to even comprehend all that has happened this year, I was going to do a ‘Top 10 moments of 2011’ but I don’t even know where to I would start… I guess there are some obvious highlights, one being getting married and our awesome honeymoon to the states, but there are so many more little moments that I know I’d I miss something special if I started naming them… So instead I thought I would share my project 365 photos from the year and just one highlight… and one lowlight from each month… just to make sure it’s a little bit balanced… So here is 2011… wrapped up in a blog….



Highlight: Wedding Planning – Bridesmaid’s dresses, Making the wedding invitations and getting the perfect Cinderella wedding shoes.

Lowlight: Cutting my foot on the escalator at Doncaster… although swimming up the escalator trying to get back to the top was a very very very amusing.



Highlight: Hairspray… awesome

Lowlight: Working late…




Highlight: Mixed Nuts victory

Lowlight: Cutting my foot… again… and begining to think that perhaps Dave was right and my choice of footwear was to blame.



20111231-144712.jpgHighlight: My hen’s celebration… awesome meringues, a weekend at the beach and the royal wedding

Lowlight: Jarring my finger, so much so my ring wouldn’t fit



20111231-151807.jpgHighlight: Becoming Mrs George and going to New York and Disneyworld with my husband

Lowlight: Getting sick just before the wedding and the panic of being a Rudolph bride.



20111231-151816.jpgHighlight: Unpacking all our amazing gifts and setting up our home

Lowlight: Not being the Badminton Champion at SYG…. Again… my time will come.



20111231-151830.jpgHighlight: Making the best birthday cake ever

Lowlight: Losing my text messages, but its ok coz I got them back



20120101-112722.jpgHighlight: Listening to Davo preach up a storm

Lowlight: Back to full time work for more than a month… and becoming a teaching widow…



20120101-112728.jpgHighlight: Dusty and Jess got engaged… woo hoo, oh and a trip to Warrnambool

Lowlight: The phone and cd player that said no



20120101-112734.jpgHighlight: Dave’s School’s Star Trek play

Lowlight: Dave getting in the spa with a dead cooking birds.



20120101-112740.jpgHighlight: Awesome concerts… Farnsy and Dolly

Lowlight: Bad haircut



20120101-112745.jpgHighlight: Christmas… what could be better

Lowlight: The Birds that got stuck in the chimney on Christmas eve… way too much drama

So there you go… lets hope 2012 is just as fun

The Disney King Returns

So I am just writing a really really quick blog to tell you so very very very exciting news… Today is the day… yep that’s right… today is the day. Today is the day that The Lion King is re-released in cinemas and this time its in 3D… which doesn’t really excite me that much because I don’t really enjoy 3D Movies… but I am just glad its back.

Here are 5 reasons why I am excited it has finally returned:

1. It is an amazing movie… there is laughter, tears, sadness, happiness, joy, pain… you get the idea… it’s epic and legendary… Oh and it is just so colourful and pretty!

2. When it was first released in 1994, I was too young, in fact I was in grade 2… I didn’t like the said bit in the middle so was never truly able to appreciate the whole movie… In fact most of the time, I watched the first half and then fast-forwarded to the bit where Simba meets Timon and Pumba and its “Hakuna Matata” for the rest of the movie. So now I will get to watch it the whole way through… there may still be tears but I will be able to sit through it this time.

3. Because it’s such an amazing film… I get to see it at the movies again, without feeling like an idiot for seeing it as an adult without any children.

4. For a very short period of my life, others will be in love with all things (granted mostly lion king based at this time) Disney almost as much as I am… in fact it may even make me feel normal, rather than obsessive.

and 5. If it is coming out at the movies, that means very very soon it will be re-released from the vault on DVD and hopefully blue ray which means after waiting and waiting for about 8 years for it come back out the vault after being silly enough to miss it last time (due to the fact that I didn’t fully comprehend the impact of the vault at the time), I will finally own it on DVD… This means that my collection is getting one step closer to being completed. In fact, this really is the final piece of the puzzle because the other movies in the collection of 50 Disney Animated Feature Films that I am missing I am not that fussed about… but this is the last one that I have really wanted. But just to clarify… of the ‘chosen 50’ (chosen by disney not me) these are the ones I am still missing…

No. 6 Saludos Amigos – 1942
No. 7 The Three Caballeros – 1944
No. 8 Make Mine Music – 1946
No. 9 Fun and Fancy Free – 1947
No. 10 Melody Time – 1948
No. 11 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad – 1949
No. 22 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – 1977
No. 32 The Lion King – 1994
No. 39 Dinosaur – 2000
No. 45 Home on the Range – 2004

And now it is almost in reach and I am very very very exctied…