Here we go again… The 2013 List

Wow… I am a little bit excited that this blog has now survived to see the beginning of another year… and because I really love lists here is my 2013 list of 100 things that I would like to do/achieve in the coming year.

Like always some of them I have attempted in the past and even blogged about (in fact you can check out my old ‘lists’ here, here and here), and some of them I have never done or at least haven’t done for a long time anyway. It’s a mixed bag of all things weird, normal and wonderful… Things are always more fun when they are done with someone else, so if you see anything on the list that might tickle your fancy… let me know!

Hopefully as the year goes by I will once again, be able to tick them off this not so little list and put a photo or a blog up about it… so without further adieu… I give you the 2013 list:

  1. Have a Star Trek Movie Marathon
  2. Cook all meals at home for a fortnight (no buying take-away, or going out)
  3. Finish my Dip Ed
  4. Go in two fun runs/walks
  5. Complete a month’s photo a day challenge without missing a day
  6. Attend a Step Class
  7. Read 12 books
  8. Stop buying breakfast regularly
  9. Complete a half marathon
  10. Use my diary more effectively
  11. Start a list of restaurants Dave and I like to go to.
  12. Watch all of my Disney Movies
  13. Clean out my wardrobe
  14. Go to the beach at least 5 times
  15. Get a herb garden
  16. Be deliberate with my TV time
  17. Go Camping
  18. Do something I have never done before
  19. Be on time to things
  20. Build something from Ikea
  21. Throw something old out/give something away every week
  22. Go to the library
  23. Visit Mum in Mornington
  24. Start a list of all the common dishes Dave and I like to eat
  25. Blow Bubbles
  26. Smash a Pinata
  27. Play Badminton
  28. Try Yoga or Pilates
  29. Get down to my goal weight… and stay there
  30. Establish a morning routine
  31. Establish an evening routine
  32. Exercise 3 times a week
  33. See the Myer windows
  34. Wash my car regularly
  35. Eat 5 new foods/dishes I haven’t tried before
  36. Finish a puzzle
  37. Make Home Made Jam
  38. Make a gratitude jar and use it
  39. Do a clean out of my Kikki.K folders
  40. Make something out of origami
  41. Exercise everyday before work for a week
  42. See Dave’s school production
  43. Hear a big band live
  44. Finish our Wedding guest book
  45. Sort through my Cooking magazines and take the recipes I like for my folder
  46. Make something I have seen on Pinterest
  47. Lie on the ground and look at the stars
  48. Have high tea somewhere
  49. Crack 5 eggs in a row without having any shell accidents
  50. Try at least one exercise from each of my Women’s Fitness Magazines
  51. Have a spa
  52. Actually stop pushing the snooze button
  53. Go to a Trivia night
  54. Paint my nails and toenails regularly
  55. Take a photo everyday
  56. Clean out my computer properly
  57. Hear live music
  58. Have 5 different groups of people over for a meal
  59. See some fireworks
  60. Pack up after myself more often than I don’t
  61. See a Musical
  62. Try at least 1 recipe from each of my Donna Hay subscription magazines
  63. Actually go into the Zoo
  64. Cook a three course meal
  65. Go through my house/lifestyle magazines and cut out or throw out
  66. Follow through with Dave’s Christmas present
  67. Visit a country town I haven’t been to before
  68. Give Dave back his bedside table
  69. Actually stop picking
  70. Stick to a devotional/reading plan the whole way through without missing a day
  71. Be more deliberate with my fruit and veg intake
  72. Participate in another table tennis tournament
  73. Tidy up my iTunes library
  74. Ride my push bike more than once
  75. Go away for a full weekend
  76. Get a library card
  77. Have fish and chips on the beach
  78. Hear Keith Urban live… again
  79. Do my chores before Dave does more often than not
  80. Go to two different Christmas carols
  81. Take Dex to the park
  82. Have a picnic
  83. Eat breakfast outside at least 5 times
  84. Get the new Star Trek movie on bluray
  85. Have a milkshake
  86. Floss once a week
  87. Cook something on the BBQ, by myself
  88. Eat red meat at least twice a week
  89. Use a sewing machine
  90. Fly a kite
  91. Walk along the Inverloch beach to Eagle’s Nest and back
  92. Pop a cork
  93. Play a gumleaf
  94. Go to 7 open house inspections
  95. Mow some lawn
  96. Do some colouring
  97. Write to our sponsor children
  98. Try something other than a McChicken or nuggets from McDonalds
  99. Go to a live sports event
  100. Drive a bus

2012 – Through the eyes of my iPhone

Once again I find myself reminiscing on the year gone by, still finding it hard to believe that another year is over… This year, just like all those gone by has been busy, filled with all things that tell me I am alive, highs, lows, fun, laughter, tears and sadness.  I find this time of year really both happy and sad, I love looking back on what I have achieved, as well as planning some adventures for next year.  Yet I also feel sad about the things I couldn’t or didn’t do, or perhaps the time that I wasted on things that I shouldn’t have, but I know that really this is what makes up a year, it’s all just part of it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed using my project365 photos to help me capture all that happened in 2012… both the good and bad… so here is 2012 through the eyes of my iPhone, with a highlight for each month some big, some small but all highlights… oh and maybe some special mentions…



Highlight: January was a list frenzy, everything from cleaning, baking, getting fit and eating… and all of it was heaps of fun, especially because it most of them were crossed off with friends and family.  Time well spent.



Highlight: Weekend’s away at the beach.



Highlight: Taylor Swift with some very excited young girls… oh and great food…. Steak Sandwiches… yum yum.



Highlight: My Birthday and everything that went with it… including my kindle… man I love that thing.  Special Mention goes to the Inverloch house which we said goodbye to in April, I have lots of fond memories and while it may not have been a highlight of this month, that house certainly has played a big part in summer and holiday highlights of years gone by.



Highlight: Our trip to New Zealand, and being able to celebrate Brian and Jean’s 60th Wedding anniversary… oh and our first one.  Oh and a special mention to my first classroom teaching placement.



Highlight: A few bonus trips to Bendigo and all the fun that that brings… it’s a fun place to be especially when you have friends like mine.



Highlight: Getting my Donna Hay on, not once, but thrice.  July also has a few important birthday’s in it which always deserve a special mention.



Highlight: Dave’s Secondary Performance Dinner (SPD) with Jake.



Highlight: Getting stuck into my exercise and loving it… no sarcasm, actually loving it.  Oh and finishing placement is worth a special mention.



Highlight: Completing my 10km run at the Melbourne Marathon Series.



Highlight: Dust and Jess got married… doesn’t get much more exciting than that… although the colour run does get a special mention.



Highlight: Christmas… the food, the gifts, the carols and the fun… always a winner especially the town hall lights… that was very cool.

So there you go… my year… it seems simple when you put it all together like that, but it wasn’t, it was good though and I am hoping that 2013 is just as good… maybe even better.