Just call me “Bear George”

Well I survived my first placement… camp and all.

I was actually much more nervous about teaching than I though I would be, I think I had had a lot of friends that had had (wow that’s a lot of hads) bad experiences on teaching rounds, so I think I spent my first week waiting for it all to fall apart, but it didn’t.  I did realise though, that my chemistry knowledge is apparently buried a lot deeper than I thought, and will need to excavated (more than just dug back up!) before I go on my next placement in August.

Prior to my placement I was also a little worried about camp, because lets face it, I am not that outdoorsy and the possibility of a hike/rafting trip was not really my idea of fun.  The thing is though, I have spent a long time convincing people, mostly Dave, that I would be fine hiking or even rafting if needed… but deep down inside I wasn’t so sure.  But the camp has come and gone and other than a few stiff muscles the day after, I survived the hike, camping in the bush and all, luckily I didn’t need to prove my skills in a raft though.

Anyway, here are three things I learnt (well three random things… not necessarily the only things)

  1. Year 8 boys can have an offensive smell on a hot day… what ever the time.
  2.  I don’t know as much as I thought I did about chemistry… but I will
  3. And when it comes to camping… I am a pro… I can set up the tent, cook my dinner, get a good nights sleep, carry my pack all by myself and return home still looking awesome…

Oh and just in case you were wondering, yes yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday was a picture of were I had camped the night before… pretty amazingly beautiful if you ask me… I felt like I could have just walked off the set of McLeod’s Daughters… almost a dream come true.

Half Sick

I hate being half sick… this is where I am at the moment… half sick, not really sick enough to stay home or stop doing anything, but not really functioning on all cylinders if you know what I mean and it sucks. I wish my body would just make up its mind… am I sick or not? Its been a little like this all week really, but yesterday I thought I had beat it, I felt great, but I think perhaps I have jinxed myself because now I am back to being half sick. I think that I am not alone though, there appears to be lots of half sick people around, either that our they actually are sick, but still coming into work and just making my half sickness worse.

The thing is though I want to just get it over and done with because if it stays as half sick it is not going to end well. In fact, what will probably happen if this continues is that Dave and I will enter the never ending circle of half sickness for the rest of the colder months, because I will pass on my half sickness to him and while I am getting better he is getting worse and then he will pass his half sickness to me and so on and so forth… we did this last year and I am not really interested in doing it again, but I guess that’s the joy of learning to live with some one. Is there are cure to half sickness or do I actually have to treat it like real sickness and just stop, give myself a chance to get over it and then start again?

10 Reasons Why…

So since I became a little obsessed with my blog, I have been doing a bit of blog talent scouting… so to speak, you know, checking out other random sites to work out what I like and don’t like, what might be fun to try, and what I will give a miss, what things keep me reading and what turns me off… and one of the things I realised is that I am a sucker for a ‘Top 10’.  They don’t even have to be a ‘Top 10’ of something good… just a top ten… or five… or even a random number like 6.  Anyway, as a result I thought I would try my own ‘Top 10’ just to see how it feels… because who knows maybe I will do it again and it will become a regular part of my blog.

So without further ado here is my Top 10…

10 reasons why I am glad I am a dietitian and not a nurse or other allied health professional…

  1. My identifying stickers in patient histories are pink… and lets face it who doesn’t love a pink sticker.
  2. I get to play with plastic food whenever I feel like it…
  3. I don’t have to touch really sick people all the time, only every now and again…
  4. I get to do 9-5ish… There isn’t any shift work, and most of the times my weekends and public holidays stay intact.
  5. I can’t accidentally kill anyone.
  6. I love food a lot… And it’s important to know what’s new in ‘my industry’… Aka.. My supermarket, therefore I have the perfect reason to try all the new things in that I think might be tasty… or a little weird.
  7. People generally don’t ‘have a fall’ on my watch… and if by some crazy chance they do I don’t have to pick them up.
  8. People generally like food more than exercise, or needles or being sick, or being washed by someone else.
  9. I don’t have to watch people shower, or on the toilet or in fact in any compromising situation.
  10. I get to talk about poo, not clean it up or wear it home.

So there you go… my top 10 reasons I am glad I am a dietitian and not something else that works at a hospital!

PS…. this post was just posted from my new study… thanks to Davo who really is the Best Husband Ever. (for proof check out yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday)