Isaac’s 2021 List

It’s round 4 for Isaac’s lists… because just like last year a family that lists together, stays together!  Plus it’s a fun way to document some of his achievements and some of the fun we get up to.  His list only has 25 things on it… because he is only little and he needs help with everything… including his list.  (if you have no idea what we are talking about… you should check out this link)

Isaac’s List:

  1. Draw my family 
  2. Swim at the beach
  3. Go back to swimming lessons
  4. Go to the movies 
  5. Have a sleepover
  6. Play a board game 
  7. Go to fun hub junior in real life
  8. Try the new park at jells park
  9. Plant something in the garden
  10. Write my name
  11. Bake some cookies 
  12. Watch a movie with mum and dad and popcorn 
  13. Hug all my grandparents 
  14. Send a letter to all my great grandparents 
  15. Pat a new animal 
  16. Dress myself… almost all by myself
  17. Try one of those cool parks with water play
  18. Go on an adventure with dad 
  19. Go on an adventure with mum 
  20. Get some of my photos printed and put them in my album 
  21. Ride a bike with pedals
  22. Fly a kite
  23. Help dad with a project around the house 
  24. Learn to make my bed 
  25. Get a haircut