Catching the Trend

As I have been working through my list for this year I have learnt something… well I suppose that’s kind of the point… but it was something unexpected… I have learnt that there is some benefit for jumping on a trend at the last minute.  Usually I am a little slow to get into things… or way too fast (as in before it is considered potentially cool… which by default, makes it uncool).  Either way, I usually want to let it be tested by others for a while first… for example, Wicked the musical had been playing for about a year in Melbourne before I went for the first time… then I loved it and went back at least 5 times.  Or fluro anything… I was convinced it would pass, but now that it’s been around for a while (I still know it will pass eventually), I have jumped in feet first… I have fluro sneakers which I am pretty proud of… and some most of my other work out gear also has a touch of fluro.

Well it turns out the same things go for books, as part of this years list I have challenged myself to read at least 12 books, that’s twice as many as last year and I am currently on my 6th book… so I need to lift my game a little… As a little extra challenge to myself, I also decided that I would try some different books, not just authors I knew, but some randoms… enter Marissa Meyer  and ‘The Lunar Chronicles’.  I choose the first book ‘Cinder’ because it intrigued me… it was the fairy-tale story of Cinderella, set in the future, in a world full of all things sci-fi… my Disney love and nerd interior rejoiced at the possible combination.  I noticed ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ written at the top of the page, but I didn’t think much of it, I didn’t really know all that much about the books… so I just assumed the whole series was available when ever I needed it…  At the end of book one it became clear that while some aspects of the story had finished the bigger story was just beginning, so I downloaded on to my kindle the next book… ‘Scarlet’… soon enough this was also finished and I need the next one… but I couldn’t find it on Amazon… a little perplexed I googled the author only to discover that series had only been half written, the 4 book chronicles was incomplete at the moment… the third and forth books were still to be written… planned but not available… so now I have had to move on… despite the fact that I feel a little incomplete myself… I wished I had not started the series until all the books had been written… I wished I had jumped on the ‘Cinder’ bandwagon much later… when I could have it all… I don’t want to wait to find out what happens… I want to no now… this is the down side of finding a good new series before its been finished… or even tested by others… If I had waited for it to be recommended I would have known about the wait,and the gap… I would have seen it coming, instead I pioneered something new and now I have to wait… until 2014… for the next book.


Thinking my Destiny

Words are really powerful, they have the ability to build up and to tear down so quickly sometimes its hard to stop and over the last year or so I have been reminded of just how powerful and devastating they can be, while I was working at another site, there was a lady in reception that had the following quote above her computer:

Watch your thoughts, they become your words.
Watch your words, they become your actions.
Watch your actions, they become your habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

It’s a pretty good reminder, something that I don’t think about anywhere near enough. It all starts with a little thought and if you’re not careful it can get out of control. Words don’t just happen, they come from thoughts, despite how bad you think the filter is… In fact if the filter is bad, words are probably an even better representation of your thoughts because they aren’t filtered… they just come out the way they were found in the brain, which for someone with a bad filter like me is a scary thought in itself.

This is something that I have been really challenged about recently, the impact of my thoughts on my life. My outlook, my reaction to things and the way that I deal with people. Often I am quite negative and sceptical on the inside, but on the outside I am peachy pie, until you ask the right questions. But even though I can push it to the back it still taints everything I do, it sets me up to have a bad attitude right from the beginning. It sets me up to be disappointed because that’s what I am expecting. The book that I am reading at the moment, ‘Soul Detox’ by Craig Groeschel, talks a lot about getting your mind right, stopping negative, bitter, jealous thoughts dead in their tracks and replacing them with things that are of God, which is straight from the bible…

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.
Philippians 4:8 (NLT)

I think I need to start making a conscious effort to control my thoughts, to protect my mind and to stop things that aren’t true, noble, right, pure, lovely or admirable from dwelling, before they become my words or my actions. Stopping them one thought at a time, before I let them turn into words that hurt others the way that the words of others have hurt me.

My New Toy

I am a believer… I have been well and truly converted… I thought I would still long for books of old and miss flicking the pages… but I don’t… I love love love my kindle.   It’s just so easy and clever and awesome. 

For my birthday this year Davo brought me a Kindle, which for those of you who don’t know is a reading tablet… it’s not fancy like the ipad, it doesn’t have a backlight so if it’s dark you still need a light, but it’s pretty much just a flat book… a flat electronic book and I love it (just in case you hadn’t got that yet).  So far I have read 3 books on my kindle and I have some other reference documents on there just in case I need them, and I have a new cover that has a little light just in case I want to keep reading when Dave wants to go to sleep.

The thing is I do love a great bookshelf and the smell of new books, and in fact book stores and libraries in general, but I also love not having to worry about squashing pages or bending/bookmarking, or where I am going to store the book once I am done… it’s just all too easy with the kindle I can have them all and keep them all, all in the space of a small book.

This long weekend, I got to really test it out while I was down in Inverloch, seeing as uni was over and I didn’t have anything else due or desperately needing to be done I spent a lot of time reading my kindle and it was lovely… really lovely, I even brought a new book from the comfort of my own bed… incredible… so long live long weekends and long live my kindle.


Oh and if you are thinking about getting one… you should… they are great!


Seriously… do it… 

Top 3 Kids Books… I own

Day 11: Share a book you love

I love kids books, I don’t know why I just do.  In fact, for the last couple years I have been collecting them, so that all my favourites will be there when Dave and I start a family. The idea of sharing just one book that I love is really really hard, because I love them all, so instead I thought I would share my ‘Top 3 Kids books you need in your collection’.  Now I am sure that this list isn’t exhaustive, because if I could have more I would, in fact there is already one book which I don’t own… but if I did, would make it on to the list in a heart beat… ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ by Sam McBratney, and I am sure there are many more… but these are the top 3 that I own…

1. Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus – Mo Williams
A little different but quite entertaining

2. You are my I love you – Maryann Cusimano
Very sweet… in fact so sweet I brought it for Dave but had to add some of my own lines because some didn’t apply.

3. The Story of the Little Mole who knew It was None of His Business
– Werner Holzwarth & Wolf Erlbruch

Who doesn’t like a story about poo… seriously it’s great.