Five Minute Friday: Privilege

Ok it’s been a long time since I have done one of these… almost a whole year… but I figured if I want to be deliberate about keeping my blog going with a baby… five minutes was a good place to start… and it comes with no other pressure than the clock… which is good… and necessary.  Anyway, if you want to know more about Five Minute Fridays you can click that link just a few words back, or you can look at the last one I did here.   Ok… 5 minutes here we go.


Ok… firstly I don’t think I knew how to spell privilege before this… I am pretty sure I have been doing it wrong… thank goodness for auto correct.

Privilege is a word that has been getting a lot more air time than ever before… and I think it is one that I have been thinking a lot more, about my own privilege, the things I get to do just because of the circumstances I was born into… and I often find it overwhelming.  But that’s not the kind of privilege I really want to talk about… because as I sit here typing this my little boy is asleep next to me and he has me thinking about what a privilege it is to be his mum.

Privilege can be defined as “a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most”…. It’s a good thing, something enjoyable beyond the advantages of anyone else but sometimes I lose the enjoyment part because being his mum is also a huge responsibility.  I get to help shape this little man as he grows, teach him, guide him and help him.  There is a verse in Proverbs (Proverbs 22:6) that says “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” and that’s what I am aiming for… There are so many things that I would like for him, things that I hope to teach him, things I hope to show him and things I hope to watch him achieve… and in that sometimes I feel overwhelmed… because I want to do a good job, and lead him in the ‘right’ way.  But when I get caught up in the responsibility I lose sight of the incredible privilege it is… the fact that while trying to lead him in the way of the Lord, I also get to know him probably better than anyone else on earth ever will… I am his person… and while my role might change as he grows… it can’t be taken away, I am always going to be his mum and that, right there is the privilege.  I get to share in his joys, his sorrows, his challenges and his achievements.  His victories are my victories.  At least for the next little bit we will do it all together… and that is an amazing thought… that is privilege.


Five Minute Friday: Abandon

Woah… it’s late Friday night And I almost forgot to post my YAY!!!  It’s Friday Five minute Friday!  If you have no idea what than means… well firstly welcome… and secondly you can read about it with the hyperlink above… or you can read my last one here…

Today’s prompt is abandon… and I have 5 minutes to write about it… no guidelines, no pressure (other than the clock…) but just a reason to post something… here we go


So… the prompt is here and I am lost for words… abandon is such a loaded word, such a heavy word… yet thankfully one that I don’t really understand in full. I don’t think there has ever been a time I have ever felt abandoned… I am blessed, I have been surrounded by good, loving people all my life… I belong… I am not alone… I also know the one who knows me best… I know I am never alone because I walk with Jesus.
Yet there is another type of abandon that keeps popping into my mind as I type… the type of abandonment the Hillsong song ‘The Stand’ takes about:

‘I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned,

In awe of the one who gave it all,

I stand, my soul lord to you surrendered

All I am is yours’

An abandonment by choice, a decision to walk away from my desires and to step into His with no other agenda…

I guess I wasn’t lost for words after all… I am thankful not to be abandoned and to be able to stand abandoned from the world in His glory…

Five Minute Friday: Purpose

YAY!!!  It’s Friday which means it’s also Five minute Friday time!  If you have no idea what than means… well firstly welcome to my blog… and secondly you can read about it with the hyperlink above… or you can read my last one here

Today’s prompt is Purpose… and I have 5 minutes to write about it… no guidelines, no pressure (other than the clock…) but just a reason to post something… hope you get as much enjoyment out of what I write as I do writing it.


I really like when God is super obvious and everything just lines up… all the prompts, all the teaching and all the songs… that has been my experience this week and I shouldn’t have been that surprised when I saw what today’s prompt was… because this word has been one of the key themes of my week this week… I have used other words for it like… intentional, deliberate, goal and plan… But really they are all the same.

This week I have been super challenged to do two things… 1. Give all of my plans over to God, because even if mine are good… His will be better and 2. I need to live with purpose.  I need to be an intentional kingdom bringer and I need to seek him deliberately.

These aren’t new concepts to me by any stretch, but they are the ones that I constantly need reminding of.  I often try and do it all my self, I think I know best and often think that if my plans and purpose are good (according to me and often the Word) then I am set… but my good isn’t always God’s.  His calling and purpose are far greater than I will probably ever understand… but that’s what I need to seek and I need to do it with purpose.  I need to be intentional, even when it is hard and my good plans aren’t the course my life seems to be taking.

I need to pursue my purpose with purpose.  I am called to be set apart, I am called to bring the kingdom and above all I am called to love, because he first loved me.

Five Minute Friday: Slow

It’s Friday… I am home from work and it is time for my Five minute Friday (if you want more info you can read all about it here, or you can read my last one here)… Today’s prompt is slow… and just like always I have 5 minutes to write about it… no guidelines, no pressure (other than the clock…) but just a reason to post something.


There are three things that came immediately to my mind when I saw today’s prompt…

1.  I am slow… I am not a sportsman by any stretch of the imagination and slow is the category of all things physical I feel most comfortable in.  I am not particularly sad about this… it’s just the way it is and that is ok.

2. I need more slow… while I was on extended leave from work life slowed down, the daily stress and pressure of work… well even just having to attend a job was no longer part of my routine and I had time to do odd jobs, clean things out, take my time and enjoy some simple pleasures… like having a leisurely breakfast on our back deck… Now that I am back into real life… I want desperately to get more slow in my life… I want to extend my summer feeling of less, relaxing and taking my time.  I know some of this is unrealistic… but surely I can find a better balance than all or nothing.  I need more slow.

3. And… while I was thinking about no. 2 as I typed my intro, the lyrics of one of my favourite worship songs popped into my head.  They have been and continue to be a constant reminder to slow down…  It is a song that has come out of Bethel Church… I am not really sure who wrote it, but the version I have is sung by Kristene DiMarco (I think it her’s… and I am hanging out for her/them to releases it)… these are the lyrics:

Slow down, take time
Breath in, he said
He’d reveal what’s to come
The thoughts in his mind
Always higher than mine
He’ll reveal all to come

Take courage, my heart
Stay steadfast, my soul
He’s in the waiting
He’s in the waiting
Hold on to your hope
As your triumph unfold
He’s never-failing
He’s never-failing

Sing praise, my soul
Find strength in joy
Let his words lead you on
Do not forget his great faithfulness
He’ll finish all he’s begun

And you who hold the stars
Who call them each by name
Will surely keep your promise to me
That I will rise in your victory

What a great reminder… Take courage, slow down, He has got this… I am not sure why all of these Five Minute Friday’s have ended up being about my faith journey… but I am glad they have… I needed this reminder again today….

I will leave this Five Minute Friday with a the video of the song… maybe take some time, like I will be once I push post, to stop and just soak in the lyrics and His goodness… May your weekend be filled with the best kind of slowness…

Five Minute Friday: Weak

Ok so last week I forgot… but not this week, no this week  I am ready for my Five minute Friday (if you want more info you can read all about it here, or you can read my first one here)… Today’s prompt is weak… and I have 5 minutes to write about it… no guidelines, no pressure (other than the clock…) but just a reason to post something.


Weak is a word, a label and a feeling that makes me uncomfortable, it is something that I am always avoiding… I never want to look weak, unless of course I am playing the role of damsel in distress, in which case it is totally ok to look, well act, weak.

Weakness is vulnerability, out of control and frightening.  Weakness is seen to be less, damaged, unwanted, broken.

Weakness is not good enough.

Weak is something that I have learnt to embrace, to be ok with, to use as a guide for what happens next.  Over the last couple of months I have been weak, and I have felt all of the things that I listed above… but in my weakness I have found strength, hope and grace.  I have found love and support and I have found ‘ok’.

When I try to be strong all of the time I inevitably fail, I can not do life in my own strength.  Until now I never really understood the verse in 2 Corinthians 12:10 that says “for when I am weak, then I am strong”.  But now I know… I can hold on because He is strong, I can live in hope because He is in control, and I can pour out my love and my pain because His grace and love are more than sufficient.

So while I am getting used to the idea that I am not as strong as I thought I was, I am learning.. I can be strong and courageous, in fact, I am actually the strongest, because He is my God, and I am with Him.

Five Minute Friday: Control

So this week once again I am trying some thing new… today I discovered on a friend of mine’s blog ‘The Carpenter’s Daughter’ something called Five minute Fridays which is facilitated by Kate Motaung which you can read all about here like I did… anyway today’s prompt is control… and I have 5 minutes to write about it… no guidelines, no pressure (other than the clock…) but just a reason to post something.



Control is something that I have often felt a really strong need to have, but something I have realised is almost impossible to truly hold on to.

Control is a theory, an idea, a magical concept where if gained everything will be okay.  But to obtain it, and hold on to it costs a lot more than the freedom it pretends to offer.  It also makes me a lot more selfish.  It makes my world a lot smaller because I need to decide who, what, when and why… but the reality is, that’s not up to me.  I can shape my life, make decisions and have some ‘control’ over the who, what and when… but never totally.

As I have learnt to let go of my need for control… (I am sure there will be times I try and take it back) I have felt much freer than ever before… letting go and not trying to hold everything together creates space for others in my life, it removes the stress and anxiety of living up to a false standard set by me and no one else… and it gives me freedom as I hand the control back to the one who deserves it.

Control doesn’t equal freedom they way I hope, but letting go and trusting does… this is something I need to remember.