Hair, Make-up and Super High Shoes

I know I have mentioned this before but I am a terrible girl… in fact you can read about it here and this week I have discovered another reason why this is true… well it’s not really a new discovery… but it’s a fact that has been confirmed… I cannot walk in high heels.  All last week I attempted to practice walking in my new shoes, shoes I wore on Saturday to my brother’s wedding… but they are really really high… and I am really bad at it.  By the wedding day I had started to get the hang of it, but I was still a little awkward and I couldn’t go all that far.  In the lead up to the wedding I decided to bake a cake in them, which was successful… so I took that to be a good sign, but weddings take longer than a cake… much longer than cakes!   I know it’s just a matter of perseverance… and that if I really wanted to I could learn to push through the pain barrier associated with such massive shoes, but I am not quite there yet.

Anyway, I am writing this blog because I have been quite proud of myself for committing to these shoes and practicing a little everyday around the house, although the cramps I got in my calves while watching TV is perhaps not the best sign… and the fact that my feet still hurt two days after the wedding and I can no longer stand on my tippy toes with any sense of stability…  But I have actually come a long way from where I was.  After reading my blog about the same issue from March in 2010, I have realised that I am no where near as bad as I used to be…

I now get my hair cut by a real hairdresser (not just a random shopping centre one I find at the last minute) regularly… and sometimes even coloured.

I now go to the same place to get my eyebrows waxed… so I guess that means I now have a regular beautician…

I now own more dresses… and am generally more interested in looking more ‘current’… we haven’t quite made it to fashionable yet.

I am still not that good at makeup and I can still only wear my hair in 3 styles, but that’s 3 steps in the right direction… maybe I am just getting older and now realise that it’s actually better if you are ‘booked in’ so that things actually happen rather than flying by the seat of your pants all the time.  Maybe I am actually more girly than before…. who knows… all I can tell you right now as I sit here typing with painted fingernails, make up on my face and a fresh hair colour, not wanting to put my feet on the ground in fear of the discomfort in the balls of my feet, is that I am pretty sure shoes shouldn’t hurt this much… especially when they look sooooo good… check them out below:

Magical Haircuts

This week I have had a little time for pampering… well, when I say time I mean I crammed some appointments in to my week to make me feel human again.  This week has been nuts… but because it was the same last week and the week before and the week before that my hair has been slowly growing into a tangled mess which was almost touching my ever-expanding eyebrows.  So this week, between running around to different commitments, I managed to get my eyebrows waxed back into submission and my hair cut and coloured.  Too much information perhaps, but this is what happened.  Why am I telling you?  Well there are two things I find amazing about these experiences…

1.       How just doing something small can make you feel brand new.  I have been super exhausted all week, but these two little trips to the salon have somehow rejuvenated me, I feel like a real person again.  This is a far cry from the pretend girl I once was, who had an annual hair cut and not much else, I now really look forward to these experiences because I know they will make me feel better, like a functional member of society.

2.       The other thing I find amazing about getting my hair done or going to the ‘beauty salon’ is that for that half an hour to an hour that I am there it almost feels like time stops.  Sure the people who work there are buzzing around, but I just have to sit with a cup of tea, ready a trashy magazine and catch up on what’s happening with my favourite couple… Wills and Kate, while I just enjoy the music that is being played.  I can just check out for a little while, I am not expected to do anything or say anything… although hairdressers are always amazing at starting conversation, but that’s a whole blog in itself… but I can participate as much or as little as I like.  Sure as soon as I walk out the door life goes back to the full on pace it was moving at… in fact it’s kind of like merging back on to a freeway from a side street… it also always costs me more than I think is necessary, but I still love it.  Just a few moments where my whole purpose is to stop while the world continues around me.

So, having said all that, I am still tired, but my hair is great, my face is clean of unwanted hair and I feel like at least a small part of me is under control in my crazy busy life.

Jan Brady Hair

My hair has been growing pretty much since I chopped it all off when I was I was at uni and had it pretty short.  At the time I really liked my short hair, but decided that it was a ‘mum-cut’ the type of no fuss hair cuts that mum’s have coz they don’t have time to fuss over anything else and therefore started the process of growing it back out.  As it grew I couldn’t decided whether I liked it better long or short, but I figured that I should see it out and then before I knew it, I was getting married and needed to grow it for the wedding, so that the hairdresser would have some hope of making my super thin hair do something nice.

Anyway, the wedding has come and gone and with the help of the length, a hair piece and a million bobby pins (which took Dave and I 45mins to get out, much to Dave’s disgust) my hair looked pretty good, even if I say so myself.  But now it is super super long, longer than it’s ever been before I am pretty sure, I have noticed some new ‘hair behaviours’ that I don’t appreciate.

Apart from the malting, and getting stuck in everything, I have discovered I have ‘Jan Brady’ Hair.  What does that mean… well, if you cast your minds back to the episodes of The Brady Bunch, you may recall that when Jan walks, her whole body, but in particular her hair swings from side to side.  And now mine does too and I hate it.  Now, unlike Jan, my hair only swings when it is in a pony tail, but I still don’t like it.  I can’t stop it either, it’s not quite long enough to prop on my shoulder, but it’s too long not to notice.  I have tried changing the way I walk, and tucking it into scarves and things, but nothing seems to be able to control it… It just makes me look ridiculous.  Now, just so we are clear I am not just talking about a small moving in the breeze swing… my hair has soooo much movement it is out of control.  Sometimes it gets so much swing I can see the ends of my pony tail in my peripheral vision… my hair is out of control and I need help!

Luckily I am getting my haircut on Saturday… I am not quite sure how much I will cut off just yet, but I am hoping it will make a difference… although with less hair it might just be lighter and get even more swing… oh man this could be a disaster.