Our Curious Life: Week 4




Ok… so I am slowly getting the hang of this weekly blogging thing… I am still a little behind in terms of publishing, but so far I am really enjoying it.  So how did week four pan out… well let me tell you.

Week four started with some goodbyes… our NZ fam headed back across the ditch.  It has been so nice being able to catch up with them over the last couple of weeks.  They remind me why family is family, we can go years without seeing each other, with just phone calls, emails and of course good old facebook, but when we do catch up it is easy and lovely… it’s the way it should be.  It’s been really nice to watch them with Isaac… the beginning of the next generation of George… and it has shown me that there is a heck of a lot of George in him…seriously… just check out these four…

On Tuesday Dave went back to work and I got to re-try being at home with out him… and I am pretty proud of how we managed… yep it has only been three days because Friday was a public holiday… but it feels very different from the end of term four last year.  There have been no phone calls in tears wanting him to come home, Isaac has been feed and changed and I have pumped, showered and eaten successfully all three days which feels like a win to me.  Of course it also helps that he is a little more interactive this time, and I had 6 weeks over summer with an extra pair of hands to help me get used to it and build up some confidence.  But I am not as terrified about this coming week as I was this time last week.

We got spoilt on Thursday with the worlds cutest vans, delicious bakery treats, flowers and cuddles and good chats with our friend Pheebs… she is a winner and a half.

And on Friday I didn’t struggle with Australia day as much as I usually do… I still feel the same about it and we should definitely change the date… but I think the fact that I didn’t have the day ‘off” as a holiday, it didn’t feel any different from other days, so I could let my self relax as I wasn’t ‘celebrating’.  We did use the day to swim in the pool at dad’s again… and this time I remembered to take a photo, so I was able to officially cross it off the list!

Oh and this week I also added Isaac’s hand and foot prints to my necklace… no. 72 on the list.

So there you go, week 4 over and out.

Our Curious Life: Week 3




This third week of 2018 has continued to be filled with friends, family and the good things about summer… and just like last week it has also been another good week for the list.  This week also brought the return of appointments for Isaac and one last effort to get things done before Dave goes back to work.

I am still getting the hang of how to write these blogs without them sounding like a lame diary entry… so this time I think we will start with the list items that were achieved… This week we managed to cross another 3 things off… but only one of them has photos ready to go…  We had some family photos taken (no. 6) which I actually wore non-maternity jeans for, which is technically crossing no. 20 off as well, but they were only on for the photos and I am definitely not committed to making it a regular thing… maybe in winter, so we will leave it on there for now.  I wore something other than a black t-shirt for the whole week… yep… I did (no. 98).  And most excitingly, this week we finished Isaac’s room (no. 63) and I am really happy with how it turned out.

When Isaac was born, Dave and I were very unprepared… because Joshua was only 24 weeks old when he was born we were desperate to make it to 26 weeks with Isaac.  At 24 weeks mums and dads have to make lots of really hard decisions, decisions about treatments, resuscitation, viability and quality of life… things that no one ever really thinks about when starting a family, and decisions that they are not really emotionally prepared to handle when they are asked at such an awful time… when you realise things are not going as you planned…  At 26 weeks, the babies are what the doctors term viable… that means they are more likely to live than die… it still doesn’t factor in quality of life… but because they can live, the choices are usually made by the doctors, rather than the panicked mum and dad…  So 26 weeks became our goal… but given our recent experiences, I was not willing to plan for him or make room for him in our house until after the 26week mark because I didn’t want to have to pack it away if we also lost him.  So… when Isaac decided 26weeks exactly was his cue… we had nothing… well not nothing, nothing, we had some clothes and nappies that we had been given or brought in preparation for Josh… but we had limited ‘big ticket items’, and the ones we had purchased were still in boxes in the garage.  We had a flat packed chest of draws and a chair… we had no cot, no change table, no car seat, no pram… nothing we actually needed when coming home from the hospital… Isaac’s room was still full of stuff… the overflow of our house… and I had not yet removed the old wall decal from the previous home owners or painted over the green and purple walls… we were not ready, because we thought we would either have no time… or lots more time.

So between hospital visits we brought the items we needed, cleared out the room, painted and then started putting it together… and then he came home from hospital… and it still wasn’t quite done… He has now been home for 66 days… and we have finally added the finishing touches, his shelves and the wall decal… and it is now my favourite room in the house.  I often just wonder in and look at it…  It makes the whole house feel more complete and in a small way, having this finished, feels like the proper end to waiting to bring home our baby chapter… that we can now really embrace life with him… because he is here and he isn’t going anywhere.

My favourite bit of the room is his bookshelf… I don’t know why I love it so much… but I really really do…

This week we also had to say goodbye to K as she headed back to London… we always hate doing this.  But we did get to spend some more time with our NZ fam before they head back this week… so this weeks been bitter sweet.

Oh and in Isaac news, this week we continued slowly weaning his oxygen yay!… but had to go and buy some bigger clothes, because he has a new accessory for a little while… a hip harness… but to make him (and by him I mean mummy) feel better, we extended our Disney book library…

Yesterday we finished our week with a garden engagement party for my little brother Jake and his fiancé Amy-Ruth… which is a pretty nice way to end a week. They had the garden looking magical… and what is not to love about love?

So there you go… week 3…

Jake Turns 21

So today is a pretty big milestone for my family, my youngest sibling, my brother Jacob, turns 21.  That means we are all pretty much grown up (in the age sense of the word, maturity is another story).  And even though we have spent pretty much all weekend celebrating him and the person he is.  I just wanted to add my two cents here… I am so proud of Jake and all that he has accomplished.  I am so glad he has found his feet and he most definitely different from me, and his own unique person.  And even though I have often tried to palm him off as my annoying little brother, I really do love being his big sister!  I have loved teaching him things, hanging out with him, fighting with him, playing Nintendo with him, watching Disney movies with him, looking after him and watching him grow up.  But I am also loving the fact that he has always taught me to be proud of who I am, to not be afraid of standing out or having different interests and hobbies (even if they are a little weird) and to embrace life even when it gets a little bumpy.  I am really excited to see what’s next for Jake, and what his future has in store because I know that God has big plans for him.

 So Happy 21st Jake!  I love you so much and I am super proud of you!

Being a Big Sister

Day 3: Be someone you love

When I first read my job for today… be someone you love… I have to admit I was a little confused by the concept.  I don’t really want to be any one but myself, because it has taken me a long time to be comfortable with that idea, so after a little bit of thinking, I realised that even though I am me, there are lots of parts to who I am… There is:

Emma the Daughter,
Emma the Wife,
Emma the Friend,
Emma the Dietitan,
Emma the chore-avoider,
Emma the Zumba tri hard,
Emma the Disney princess (she exists… even if it’s only in my brain),
Emma the Dog owner, and
Emma the sister.

Now I am not saying that being a sister is last on the list of what makes me, me, in fact it’s actually shaped who I am, but I put there because that’s what I got to focus on today, being a sister.  I am lucky enough to be the big sister to two brothers, one only 14months younger than me and one 5 years younger, and today I had the privilege of hanging out with my youngest brother Jake.  In fact you can read about what we did on his blog… as it was quite a tale and seeing has he has already written it so eloquently, I won’t do the same (but I will mention that I made meringues which was number 16 on the list!).

But I did want to say that I really love being a big sister.  I know as I get older, my brothers seem to be catching up to me in a lot of ways, they are both taller than me, although that’s not that difficult and in many areas they already are or soon will be wiser and better than me (although I will always stand by the fact that I am the smartest).  I can’t look at figures and business stuff and get excited the way that Dust does.  I can’t do a high ropes course let alone supervise one the way Jake has.  I can’t ride a bike or wear Lycra quite the way that Dusty can and I can’t wear a mullet as proudly as Jake can.  There are lots of things that I can do, but there are so many more things that the boys can do that I just wouldn’t dream of, or couldn’t even if I tried.  I am so proud of both of them and the things that they have already accomplished as well as the things that I know they are still to do.  But more importantly I am proud of who they are and the young men they have become.  I am also glad that I get to laugh with them, cry with them… cry with Jake, hug them… hug Jake, except on my birthday and Christmas when I get to hug dust too and just generally share my life with them.  I am glad I can be there to support them, encourage them and to blame them when need be.  In fact I can’t think of things that I am not thankful for about them and I am very much looking forward to sharing many more years, life experiences and Monty Python movies with them.

Jake and Em… Get Things Done…

Usually when Jake and I hang out it is a lazy day that involves either a movie… or food… or a trip to a random location… or a mixture of all of the above… most of the time it is unplanned and a little disorganized, but today we got things done…

After a quick trip to Jake’s new uni, we decided that we would work on knocking a few things off the 2012 list, and even I say so myself, we did quite an impressive job…

Before the day started I had officially knocked 7 things off…

2. Make my own ice cream – completed 9.1.12
25. Fix up super stuff – completed (by Dave) 24.1.12

43. Make breakfast muffins – completed 16.1.12

63. Visit Castlemaine
81. Have a pot of tea – completed 1.1.12 and again on 25.1.12

86. Get an Exercise Piggy Bank – completed 23.1.12
99. Try and Espresso – completed 14.1.12

But now… wow have we been busy little bees… I can now say very happily I have also crossed off the following…
(please note are the listed in the order they happened, rather than their numerical order…)

57. Bust a move in a random location – Coles will never be the same… I have to admit that I was dreading this once the second I put it on the list… but it is now done and here is the proof…

55. Clean the gunk of  my baby havaiana – This little keychain, that usually hangs in my car had an unfortunate run in with some, I think, up and go on the floor of my old car, back when I was at uni… leaving an unsightly and questionable brown stain.  But that stain is no longer… it has been soaked and washed and it back to its original colour and will return to its place of pride in my car.

35. Make a Mocktail – being more creative with all things drinks, Jake was much more qualified to help me with this than any other family member.  He taught me how to make a Mocktail called Strawberries and cream (so he thinks), which was pretty and delicious, complete with cocktail glass and straw.

40. Have a rainbow paddle pop – it was delicious… need I say more?  Well I will I think next year I need to up the number of rainbow paddle pops in my life…

and last but not least…

71.  Play with playdough – Jake and I didn’t just play with playdough… we made playdough and then played with playdough.  I have to confess I had never made my own before, but it is a skill I am definitely glad I have learnt… we only played for a short while… but it was a very creative while…. Check out our awesome artwork…

So there you go, my total crossed off items now stand at 12… not bad for only 27 days…
only 88 to go.

Oh and the other thing that happened today…  although not on the list, Jake started a new blog… check it out here.