Our Curious Life: Week 24



Hello week 24, and thank you! You have been just what I needed. After getting back from Brisbane on Monday, I think it is safe to say that we were all stuffed! So this week has thankfully been very low key… I have been trying not to go out too much so that Isaac can sleep in his own bed during the day and we can focus on getting our solid meals in… three of them plus his milk feeds.

It’s been really nice to be a bit of a homebody… something I didn’t really expect. When I found myself in a similar situation last week, I found it all a little disconcerting. Having nothing planned felt uncomfortable, but this week it has been refreshing and restoring. I feel a little more on top of my motherhood list… the food situation seems to be improving and I am getting the hang of a couple of regular naps and I’m trying to make the most of Isaac’s awake time rather than just spending it wondering if he should be having a nap. One of the benefits of the big weekend has been a tired little boy, so the naps have been a little longer this week which has meant I have had some time to try and catch up on some blogging, which has also been wonderful.

But we haven’t spent the whole week at home, we also did a couple of fun things. On Thursday and Friday Isaac and I checked out the updated Glen shopping centre… firstly with mother’s group and then with my mum. After mother’s group on Thursday night Isaac and I went to the brand new woollies to grab some food for dinner, I also decided that despite having a loaded up pram with Isaac and the groceries I had already gathered, I could indeed manage a slab of diet coke as well, seeing as though they were on sale. When I made it to self serve to pay I started with the coke so that I could put it down ready to carry to the car once I had organised everything else. As I swung the slab up to the scanner, the side feel out and cans went everywhere. Some busted open creating small puddles of diet coke and showering Isaac and I in a fine diet coke mist… he thought it was hilarious… I was mortified and quickly asked someone to come and help… we went back and got a more secure box and thankfully made it home without another incident… but it wasn’t quite the quick shopping experience I had expected. But as a fun side effect, now every time Dave or I make the noise of a fizzing can Isaac giggles.

We also had dinner with two lots of very good friends, one as a goodbye, and the other as a welcome home. On Friday, we had dinner with our friends Rachel and Dustin… their’s was the welcome home as they have just returned from a holiday. We had such a nice night, delicious food, great company and an open fire… perfect for a freezing cold Melbourne Friday night.  Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, we had dinner with our friends Matt and Fee before they head over to Canada for a couple of years for work. Matt and Fee have been friends of ours for a very long time. In fact, I think Fee might have been one of the first people I confessed my love of Dave to when I was still a teenager, so it seems appropriate that she was the one that conducted our Wedding a few years later. They are the type of friends that keep you accountable and check in to make sure you are spiritually on track. Every time I hang out with them I come away thinking about how intentional I am in my faith and devotions and what I need/want to be doing better in that area of my life. Every time we hang out with them there is also a lot of laughing, they are super fun. This visit was no different, and while it might be the last one we will have on this side of the world for a while, I know that the distance and the change in chapter won’t really change our friendship. We will miss them a lot, but the world doesn’t seem that small any more thanks to the power of the internet (which I still think is kind of magic).

On Saturday we used some gold class vouchers to go to the movies and because it was an unplanned adventure, we took Isaac with us. We saw Incredibles 2, which means that Isaac and I, both got to cross seeing a Disney movie with each other off our lists (no. 17 on Isaac’s list and no. 71 on mine). He was a dream, watching at least half (the beginning and then end) and having a nice nap in the middle… seriously this kid is a superstar! I also crossed no. 1 off my list this week, using my time at home to conquer folding fitted sheets… so far I have only attempted Isaac’s cot and bassinet sheets, but they are still fitted and I feel like I have done enough that I could transfer my new skills over to a real size fitted sheet!

Thanks week 24 for letting us breathe again.

‘La La Land’ a true classic

So yesterday Dave and I saw ‘La La Land’ and it was truly wonderful… I have been listening to both soundtracks pretty much on repeat since we got home… but he wrote about it much better than I could, so if you are keen.. check out what he had to say below:

“You will have to forgive me if I sound like a giddy schoolgirl as I reminisce about the wonder that is ‘La La Land’, but this movie was stunning. As I mentioned yesterday while reviewing ‘Sing’, mo…

Source: ‘La La Land’ a true classic

Seriously… you wont regret reading his blog or seeing this movie…

Part Human… Part Hobbit

One of my family… well maybe mine with family… I’m not sure… traditions is to go to the movies on Boxing Day… It’s a tradition that started quite a few years ago, in fact because I have been thinking about it today I tried to put together a list to see how far back it went and this is what I came up with…

2012 – The Hobbit
2011 – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
2010 – Gulliver’s Travels
2009 – Sherlock Holmes
2008 – Yes Man
2007 – The Golden Compass
2006 – Happy Feet
2005 – Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe
2004 – The Incredibles
2003 – The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
2002 – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
2001 – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the rings

A pretty impressive list of movies if you ask me… Anyway, as you can see from the list last year was no different, I saw The Hobbit. Now to be completely honest.. it wasn’t my favourite movie to date… I found it a little slow… but giving it the benefit of doubt I decided that I should read the book before I made my final decision, which I am now about half way through. As I have been reading I have discovered there are a few more similarities between me and hobbits than I would like… for example:

  • Hobbits are short… I am short
  • Hobbits have fat/wide hairy feet… I have wide… NOT hairy feet
  • Hobbits are often thinking of the next meal… I am always thinking of my next meal…
  • Hobbits generally like a quiet, predictable life with no adventures, until of course they are thrust into one and then enjoy it quite a great deal… me too…

Anyway, this summer I went on a little adventure of my own, one which I wasn’t super excited about, especially once it started getting more difficult but at the end of it I was really proud of myself and very thankful to Dave for taking me on such an adventure.

My Adventure wasn’t quite as extravagant as Bilbo’s in the Hobbit, but it was still fun. Dave and I walked along the surf beach in Inverloch until we reached a point called Eagle’s Nest. Which while it doesn’t sound that difficult, it did require more than just walking, in fact I had to climb up and down, navigate through stinky seaweed and walk over large rocks which were not always as solid as I would have liked… but I survived and we made it… and it meant that I could cross no. 91 off the list.


Perhaps once I have finished the book I will like the movie more than I did on Boxing day?  If not… I guess I will have to be a better version of a hobbit adventure.

It’s A Disney Thing Again

Day 17: Couples you love

Again today I find myself in a very nice situation but difficult situation, you see my life is filled with couples I love, so instead of singling out one or a couple and leaving out the others I thought I would share with you my top 5 Disney couples, which I think is fitting as today is my 100th blog, so what better way to celebrate another milestone than with more Disney… so with out further ado here they are:

1. Belle and the beast
What’s more romantic than love that overcomes as much as these two have.  Love that finds beauty in unexpected places… it’s just beautiful… and the ball room…
what more could you want?

2. Ariel and Eric
Wow, prince Eric…. wow… and Ariel… wow, I am pretty sure nothing more needs to be said.

3. Aladdin and Jasmine
A whole new world…. the original wills and Kate, kinda.. ok not really, but its the closest we have…

4. Ellie & Carl
These guys are beautiful, maybe even my favourite, they have a love that stands the test of time and it’s magic, no tricks, no drama, just love and happy life together.

5. Mickey and Minnie
They have stood the test of time like no other, the fight, the yell, the sing, the dance and most of all they love…