30 is Here… for Davo

30 has always had seemed really old… (sorry to those who I have now offended, but it is the true) but this morning I woke up next to a 30year old.. and it surprised me… not the person I was next to, that was just Davo and he was supposed to be there… but now as of today he is 30 and all of a sudden, we have become fully fledged adults.  Seriously, you can’t be 30 and still a kid… and while Dave has always been much older than me, at least in maturity… 30 just sounds different.  It sounds legit… So I thought I would use today to celebrate all that is Davo and tell you 30things I love about him…. coz 30 is a big deal…

  1. Dave is lovingIMG_1950
  2. Dave is serious and sensible
  3. Dave is supportive
  4. Dave is fun
  5. Dave is clever
  6. Dave is reliable
  7. Dave is kind
  8. Dave is a servant
  9. Dave is humble
  10. Dave is hilarious
  11. Dave is trustworthy
  12. Dave is wise beyond his years
  13. Dave is romantic
  14. Dave is a builder
  15. Dave sounds good on every instrument he picks up
  16. Dave can do anythingScreen Shot 2015-08-16 at 3.15.09 pm
  17. Dave is handsome… very handsome… I mean seriously take a look at him… what a spunk!
  18. Dave is trendy
  19. Dave is unique
  20. Dave is a great housewife
  21. Dave is diligent
  22. Dave is caring
  23. Dave is in love with Jesus
  24. Dave is loved by all who meet him
  25. Dave is encouraging
  26. Dave is just generally super
  27. Dave is generous
  28. Dave is committed
  29. Dave secretly loves to dress up, not the fancy dress kind, but he likes to dress to the occasion… enter his Oz green jacket, or his black and red les mis outfits.
  30. Dave is hard working… so hardworking he is working tonight on his 30th birthday, doing something he loves it has been really nice to watch him in his element conducting, guiding and encouraging his students as they performed Oz. All without even mentioning his sacrifice because that’s just who he is.

I know that I have said this to many people, on many different occasions, but I feel like now is a good time to say it again.  Shout it from the mountain top of the blogosphere so to speak.  But my life is blessed because Dave is a part of it and I love him more than anything in this world.  I have loved him since I first met him and I will love him forever… even when he is actually old (as in way older than 30).  He is a champion, a superstar and my prince charming.  I have never met anyone like him before and I am not sure I got so lucky to have him by my side for the rest of my life.  Thank you Dave for everything that you do, including all the things you don’t think I notice or care about.  You make my life wonderful!  I love you.


Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ SuperstarI’m not sure that if Jesus had started his ministry today I would have followed… and it worries me.  I would like to think I would, but I am just not sure… in fact I am a little worried I would have been just another Pharisee blinded by religion… Don’t get me wrong I haven’t changed my beliefs at all, I am still a Christian and that hasn’t changed, but a few weeks ago, when Dave and I saw Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar I was really challenged about how Jesus would appear, behave and move people if he had come now, rather than 2000 years ago and I actually found it really scary.

This particular version was a re-imagined or updated version of the musical, set now, and it was confronting.  The 12 disciples and Jesus were portrayed as working class revolutionaries… their slogan was ‘Follow the 12’ and the they looked almost like the ‘occupy movements’, they were different, radical and in some ways extreme.  The thing is I am a rule follower, a go with the flow kind of person, someone who does the right thing because that’s what you are supposed to do… even when breaking the rule won’t hurt anyone… it’s just the way I am wired.  I figure that rules are there for a reason, so I follow them, some people think that’s a bit boring and it probably is, but that’s ok… I like the order and clear boundaries it gives me.

Often when I watch the news, from my relatively comfortable position in life, I see things like the occupy protestors and understand their motives, but wonder if creating a tent city and fighting people is the best way to go… I often dismiss passionate protestors as crazy and go about my business with out much thought.  Now I don’t think Jesus would have been a law breaker… or fighter… most of the time, his teachings are about love for God and love for each other… but I can see why Llyod Webber has made this link… they are counter cultural, not letting the powers of the world dictate the way of the world.  Now in the musical, Jesus didn’t damage property or people, he was the same as I imagine in bible times, doing his father’s work where ever he went, changing lives, and healing the hurting, but he was peaceful.  But when I think about social movements of today, even great social movements like fair trade and anti-traffiking my response is at best underwhelming.  I am happy for these things to change, but I am not passionately seeking out ways to make it happen… just passively waiting for it to happen without me…  and it makes me wonder if it were Jesus, would I just ride him off as a loony?  Wait passively for the him to change the world around me? Or be annoyed because he was rocking the boat I was quite happy traveling in.

To be honest I am actually glad that I was born now rather than back when Jesus was around… and that even though I know Jesus is coming back, I already know and believe in him… and I would like to think that by his grace I would recognise him when he comes… I don’t have to um and ahh about whether or not he is the real deal because I already know that to be true… but it also challenges me to think about how Christlike my life actually is?  Am I still more of a Pharisee with my rules and regulations, or am I open to change when it is in love and equality… I don’t know… but it’s got me thinking.