FebFast is Actually Killing Me!

Thanks to Dave I have averted a fundraising disaster… well kind of… At work this month we are getting behind Feb Fast, a fundraiser in which you fast something (see what they did there with the name? clever ey?), it started with alcohol, but now you can choose from alcohol, caffeine, digital or sugar… and for the month of February, as a way to not only raising money for supporting and working with young people with drug and alcohol addiction, but also get back to some better habits that may have lapsed over the Christmas/new year period, you go without.

So… last week I was all geared up to do a digital detox and say goodbye to screen time at 8pm each night in Feb, I had signed up, locked Davo in and while a little nervous about my ability to follow through, was prepared to give it a crack! In fact I had almost convinced myself that I would enjoy it… that it would actually be really good for me… I had even already planned to pay for a pass out on dayone so that I could Instagram Kirsten’s wedding guilt free. I was pretty much ready to go. Well… when I got home last Thursday night, Dave informed me we had made a terrible mistake… A digital fast, no TV, no iPad, no laptop after 8pm… During the Winter Olympics… He was right! We had made a terrible mistake. The Olympics are pretty much sacred TV time, two weeks of minimal sleep, watching sports you’ve never heard of. But sports that if you don’t watch now, you won’t see again for four years… and lets face it, life is not complete with out a four yearly top up of curling… No the Olympics were not negotiable. So seeing as though we had already signed up we needed to think of something else to fast. Being salvos, an alcohol felt like cheating, seeing as we don’t drink anyway… that left sugar and caffeine… both things I am quite attached to.

FebFast-Caffeine-profile-picSo now we have decided to give up caffeine instead… which now that I am a week into, think might actually be harder than a digital detox. I love tea, it is my go to for everything, for relaxing, before bed, in the afternoon, when I am sad, when I am cold, when I am hot (iced tea is also the bomb!) at all times life is better with tea… and if for some strange reason there is no tea, I’ll have diet coke, because I love that too. But now for the rest of the month they are gone… and I think it might be slowly killing me.. there are a few other things off the list also, but I think tea and diet coke are the ones that are hurting. And just like the digital option we have already had to buy a pass out for the wedding… but that’s it… we are in now… a month without a cuppa… but it’s for a good cause… does anyone know where I can buy decaf tea?

Oh and P.S – if you want to sponsor me and donate to the FebFast cause you can do so by clicking this link…

Life after Swimming – Week 2 of the Olympics

I know that it’s all over now, and I have once again missed the boat with this post because I have… well see the other post about the Olympics for my list of excuses, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I would say this, but when I got to the beginning of week 2 I was really glad that the swimming was over.

I love all things Olympics and in the past the swimming has been my favourite bit.  As a kid, swimming was my sport of choice, of course I wasn’t all that great, but I loved it all the same, my heroes were swimmers like Kieren Perkins, Michael Klim and Suzie O’Neill and while these swimmers have now retired, I have still loved watching the next generation swim much faster than I could have ever imagined.  In the past I have been glued to the swimming, but I think I think I am just a bit over it.  When it came to the Olympics, week 1 with the swimming was my favourite week because we won lots and didn’t have that many competitors in week two, so it got a bit boring, but this year I was glad to see it go.

Now, before you jump to conclusions it has nothing to do with the results… I had just had enough to be honest.  I think I knew there was lots of other stuff happening and just felt like we were watching swimming for the sake of watching the swimming… and replays of swimming and interviews of swimmers and listening to commentators talk about our performance in swimming, which was apparently average, despite the fact that we were still up there with the best of them.  Silver is pretty good you know!

I think perhaps because, as a country,  Australia has been good at swimming for a long time, we get to see a lot more of it on TV regularly.  At least once a year there is some kind of swimming championships that gets broadcast across the nation, so I don’t have to wait for 4 years to see it.  So by the time the Olympics came around this year, I had already had my swimming dose.

As I have gotten older I have learnt to appreciate the skill involved in some of the other sports, and because I no longer pretend that one day I could be as good as the swimmers, that dream died long long ago, I realise I am rubbish at all of them so it’s incredible whatever the sport, whether the Australian’s are there or not.  I don’t see the purpose of repeating a race 8 times when we could actually watch something different… and perhaps a little more exciting.

I am really proud of our swimmers, but I am also proud of all the other Australians those that got air time and those that didn’t, just getting to the Olympics is an incredible achievement and once the swimming was finally over, I have been able to enjoy learning all about the equestrian, sailing, taekwondo, boxing, water polo, gymnastics of all types, wrestling, BMX and the aths.  And… I have to admit that I enjoyed week 2 of the Olympics heaps more than the first.  I think it’s purely because it was something different, something I don’t get to watch all the time, and something that I probably won’t watch at this level again for, well, 4 years.  In fact, I am sad that it is all over and that the XXX Olympiad is all done and dusted but I think my sleep deprived body will be rejoicing.

For the Love of the Games

I am really disappointed that I haven’t really posted this week, this should be my prime posting time because things I love are happening everyday… and by things I love I mean the Olympics… I love them. But unfortunately other stuff has gotten in the way. Uni is back… and not only is it back, it is back with vengeance… in fact one of my subjects has decided that because uni by correspondence isn’t difficult enough to fit around oh things like… FULL TIME WORK… that they would set study tasks due weekly. Not that bad you might think… a little accountability perhaps? Sure, when there is one… but it’s not one… this week there is 8… as well as the other subjects that I need to give at least a little bit of attention to.  Oh and just to top it off… in this two weeks when the world really should stop… to watch the Olympics… I have two assignments due. Needless to say… not happy Jan.

The other thing that has stopped me from posting about the Olympics is that I am too busy watching it… being on the other side of the world the Olympics are at a bad time… In fact, I get up to watch the finals, go to work while they sleep and come home to watch the heats and preliminary rounds before I go to bed.. late… and start it all over again the next morning.  A bad time is an understatement… but it happens every 4 years because let’s face it Australia is kind of swimming alone out here.  So I am managing to just keep my eyes open, saving all my energy for work and mindlessly watching sport each evening. I think I also thought that everyone would be posting about it because surely everyone loves it as much as me… but I have been surprised… I haven’t seen that much.

Anyway, I just wanted to apologise for not posting, despite my love… and so to make up for it, these are my highlights of the Olympics so far:

  1. The magic beds that lit up during the opening ceremony, although not conducive to sleeping very very cool to watch from a high angle on TV.
  2. The Badminton and Victoria Na– my hero… Badminton has never been better… what a superstar… Only 21 and a Melbournian like me… what a champion!  Oh and nothing increases the interest in a sport like a massive scandal… so while I think it’s poor form, well done tanking scandal for drawing attention to the awesome sport that badminton is.


  3. Seeing the Royal Family on a regular basis – just one of the benefits of having the Olympics in London… I do love the royal family.
  4. Getting to see (well when channel 9 feel the time is right… which is not often… poor form channel 9) all those sports that you don’t see televised between the Olympics: for example the gymnastics, the diving, the equestrian, the judo, the weightlifting, the badminton, the table tennis… the list goes on… in fact right now I am watching the water polo… crazy.

So even if sleep and life stops me from posting regularly… be assured that I am loving the Olympics with all that I can… 4 years is way too long to wait between Olympiads.

I’m too old for this…

I have decided I am getting old… I know this seems like an outrageous comment from a 24year old, but it’s true… I used to be able to stay up all night and have no issues the next day… but those days are gone. Last night I stayed up to watch Lleyton Hewitt’s match on TV, which didn’t actually finish that late, but I am really stuffed now… and it sucks, mostly because his opponent Novak Djokovic is only 24 and he was up playing tennis, full on tennis while I was whinging about being tired.

What I want to know is how did this happen? How did I get to this point where I can no longer hack the pace? And how do I get out of it? Perhaps it’s because I am not very fit at the moment, or because my diets terrible, or because I don’t get enough sleep when I should… perhaps it’s all of these things, I don’t really care what’s causing it to be honest, I just want it to stop and go back to the way it used to be… where I could party hard all night and then crash, but not a moment before I was ready! I mean what would happen if heaven forbid I got into cycling and wanted to watch the tour? I would never make it! And what concerns me even more is… what am I supposed to when the Olympics are on this year? I love the Olympics, in fact I can’t get enough of them when they are on… I love the good sports, the popular sports, the terrible sports and the just plain weird sports… how am I meant to soak up all that is London 2012 if I can’t even make it to 1am to watch the tennis? I think the only option is to pretend it’s not happening… So here is to living in denial… were I just pretend I can still do it, like right now and just have to suck it up and deal with the consequences… and in the meantime I can work or getting myself fitter… making more energy, well making my body better at using energy…and with the help of my new exercise piggy bank (no. 86 on The List)…


I say… bring on the health kick… again…